Corvette ZR1 (Price): LA Auto Show 2017 New ZR1 with insane 760 hp

New Corvette ZR1 with 760 hp

An internal document from General Motors provides clues to the engine of the Corvette ZR1: The accidentally published file was viewed by a Reddit user and shows a listing of upcoming engines.

New photos show the extremely brutal Corvette ZR1 at tests on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, before she drops the Erlkönig panel at the LA Auto Show 2017. Under the Bug operates the LT5 called 6.2-liter V8 with 760 hp, the price should be around 120,000 US dollars.

Corvette ZR1 (Price): LA Auto Show 2017 New ZR1 with insane 760 hp

Even before the official premiere of the Corvette ZR1 at the LA Auto Show 2017 (1 to 10 December), a US car magazine will provide first details about the super sports car – and they really have it! Priced at around 120,000 US dollars (103,500 euros) tinkers in the bow of the engine with the abbreviation LT5, behind which hides a 6.2-liter eight-cylinder with aluminum block, direct injection and variable valve timing. In the ZR1 expansion stage, he makes incredible 760 hp and 922 Newton meters of torque. Contrary to first assumptions that the engine does not get supercharged, a supercharger scoops 52 percent more air per revolution into the block than the Z06. This is expected to storm the Corvette ZR1 with a curb weight of 1664 kilograms in under three seconds to 100 and in less than 11 seconds over the quarter mile. Only at well over 337 km / h the headwind brakes the sports car again. Speaking of brakes: A carbon-ceramic brake system is probably part of the standard equipment, the extreme spoiler not. Various aerodynamic packages apparently provide different sized rear spoiler

Corvette ZR1 (Price): LA Auto Show 2017 New ZR1 with insane 760 hp


Although the premiere of the Corvette ZR1 is still out, but in their power of sound, they can now compete with the competition: Our photos show the test car with an interesting construction of the three-finned exhaust system, which is supposed to dampen the volume of over 100 dB. Visually, the sharpest variant of the Corvette C7Stingray recognizable in a more reminiscent of motorsport aerodynamics including addressed, huge rear wing. It is not for nothing that their real purpose is the timed hunt on the racetrack. It is to be expected of the over-Stingray everything, just not half things: If the ZR1 already for breathtaking performance, it goes without saying that the new edition should have all the ingredients for even faster lap times on board. One of these ingredients rages under the heavily contoured bonnet and is the aforementioned eight-cylinder – but the sheer power is of course only one of several components of the top model.

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