Driving report Citroën ëC4 350 kilometers range for 24,000 euros - what else the new French can do

New Citroen eC4 Review – 350 kilometers range for 24,000 euros

The French car manufacturer Citroen has a new gem for electric lovers: the ëC4. In addition to a range of 350 kilometers, this should especially convince with its price. After deducting the subsidy, it still costs just under 24,000 euros.

350 kilometers of electric range at a price of just under 24,000 euros. The new Citroen eC4 from the French car manufacturer Citroën should be able to do that. Reason enough to get on a plane, travel almost 600 kilometers north-west and test drive the new e-mobile. A test drive through mostly urban terrain – through the streets of Mönchengladbach.

Driving report Citroën ëC4 350 kilometers range for 24,000 euros - what else the new French can do

The Citroen eC4 has a long tradition with the French, with the first rolling off the assembly line as early as 1928. Now the Frenchman is back with a new outfit. The ëC4 and its brothers and sisters, freshly disinfected, wait in a row in an aircraft hangar at the airport in Mönchengladbach for an exit. In addition to the electric version, the diesel and gasoline versions can also be selected.

Citroën advertises the Citroen eC4 with a purely electric range of 350 kilometers – the first glance at the speedometer when getting in confirms this: exactly 350 kilometers. The electric SUV has an output of 100 kW (136 hp), the maximum torque is 260 Nm and the top speed is 150 kilometers per hour. The driver can choose from three different driving modes: Sport, Normal and Eco. The meaning of the respective mode – almost self-explanatory. In sport mode, the ëC4 speeds from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.7 seconds, powered by a 50 kilowatt-hour battery.

The B mode

On the test drive through the urban area of ​​Mönchengladbach, the Citroen eC4 proved itself in terms of its everyday and urban suitability. When parking, a parking assistant and a 360 degree overview help – to the delight of every parking grouch. Otherwise, it runs smoothly in everyday traffic. There is almost no background noise – the ëC4 rolls quietly through the streets of Mönchengladbach. With the B-mode, which can optionally be activated by pushing a button, energy is still recovered in rush hour traffic through recuperation. As a result, despite the one-hour test drive, during which we drove around 60 kilometers, we still had a remaining range of almost 300 kilometers on the speedometer.

Driving report Citroën ëC4 350 kilometers range for 24,000 euros - what else the new French can do

Even with the French, the topic of autonomous driving seems to be on the list. Cruise control can be activated while driving with a few buttons on the steering wheel. Keeping speed and braking is therefore the responsibility of the vehicle. At the same time, the ëC4 automatically ensures that there is sufficient distance to the vehicle in front. It’s not really autonomous driving yet, but it’s still a fine thing.

New and modern look for Citroen eC4

In the interior, the driver is presented with a modern look with a large touch display in the middle – buttons have generally been greatly reduced. Only one bar was allowed to remain. This can be used to control the air conditioning, seat heating and the heated front and rear windows. The rest is operated by touch on the 10 inch display. The automatic selector lever has also been omitted – a small controller in the center console has remained. When the vehicle is started, a head-up display opens above the steering wheel, which presents the driver with information such as speed limits or navigation instructions.

There are a total of 16 different storage compartments at the front and rear, which together offer 39 liters of capacity. The iPad holder for the front passenger, which can be pulled out like a drawer, is particularly practical. So there is enough space for keys, wallet and smartphone – with the smartphone being allocated its own space: a charging cradle for wireless charging.

There is also space in the trunk of the 5-seater. The base volume is 380 liters. When the rear seat is folded down, the capacity increases to 1250 liters – with a level loading edge. The driver and front passenger sit comfortably in the front – the three of them in the back seat get a little cozy. And above all from a certain height due to the coupé-like roof line.

The Stromer can be charged at public quick charging stations with up to 100 kW and then needs 30 minutes to charge the battery to a level of 80 percent. With the standard three-phase 11 kW on-board charger, the battery is fully charged in around five hours.

The cost of the electric French is 33,776.72 euros. After deducting the state subsidies of around 9,000 euros, the ëC4 is affordable from dealers for just under 24,000 euros from January.

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