BMW X7 Concept: XXL

New BMW X7 Concept: XXL

Next year, the family of SUV BMW will welcome two new members, radically opposed. On one side, the X2, a more compact and sportier version of the X1. On the other, the huge X7, a kind of 4×4 version of the 7 Series. Here’s a taste of this concept.

BMW X7 Concept

BMW X7 Concept: XXL

In terms of luxury cars, BMW lags behind its best enemy, Mercedes. Currently, the Bavarian is content with Series 7 . It has nothing to counter the S-Class coupe and convertible and the GLS. But all this will soon be ancient history. In 2018, the propeller will launch an offensive on the market of prestige cars, with Series 8 and X7, whose project was formalized in May 2014.

In order to make the potential customers, who are primarily in the United States, China and the Middle East, wait a few months longer, the manufacturer unveils this concept. And it’s a visual shock! Not surprisingly, the X7 looks like a tank on wheels. BMW does not give dimensions, but the length should be about 5.10 meters (an X5 measures 4.89 meters).

BMW X7 Concept: XXL

The aesthetic element that strikes the most is obviously the grille, with two enormous beans, angular corners. It is in total opposition to refined optics (with laser technology, with the luminous signature of the blue X). On the standard version, the proportions of the face will be a little more harmonious because the headlights will be thicker.

The massive side of the silhouette is reinforced by the high hood, the 23-inch wheels and the vertical decorative elements in the shields and sides. The latter accentuate the effect of height. To please American and Asian motorists, chrome is abundant. The designers did not intend to do in finesse … and it is totally assumed.

BMW X7 Concept: XXL

Inside, it’s almost the contrast, because the dashboard is aerial and a bit minimalist. There is a well-known BMW organization, based on superimposed layers. We recall that we are in the presence of a concept car but the main lines are there. Two screens face the driver, one for instrumentation, the other for the info-entertainment part. As on the Z4 concept, we notice that they are close together and on the same height.

This concept can accommodate six people. There are in the second row two individual armchairs, a detail that could be found on the standard version, probably in the form of an option. A classic 3 seater bench seat should be available in standard configuration. The interior is bathed in light thanks to an immense glass roof, supported by a Y-shaped structure.

BMW X7 Concept: XXL

BMW indicates that this concept is hybrid rechargeable, capable of driving in 100% electric mode. But it does not give more details on the data sheet. The standard model should use aluminum and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic in a good quantity to best hold its weight.

The X7 series will be presented next year and will hide the largest range of SUVs from a manufacturer not specialized in the rudders. BMW will offer seven 4×4! The X7 will have in the viewfinder the Mercedes GLS and the Range Rover “classic”. But the strongest and most prestigious versions will also target the Bentley Bentayga , although the latter will be more directly competed by the Rolls Royce 4×4, also unveiled in 2018.

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