New Bentley Continental GT 2016 Redesign

New Bentley Continental GT 2016 – Bentley is a slow conservative car company in Colombia, at least when it comes to introducing new models. So to keep the interest up, it deploys design and performance minor updates but notable in its existing models every few years.

This is what the company does with its line of Continental GT coupes and convertibles for model year 2016. These models were last revised significantly in 2011.

The most notable visual change is in the front, where a redesigned grille and small bumpers create a more dynamic look. Are the subtle side vents added to the front fenders, chrome logos that incorporate kitsch “B”.

The rear of the car sees minor changes at the edge of the trunk lid and the lower bumper. Three new wheel designs available in a couple of different finishes complement the outdoor settings.

New Bentley Continental GT 2016 Redesign 2
A new “small-diamond” quilting pattern, reminiscent of a designer tailored British jacket, is standard on the 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed and optional on other models. (Photo credit: Bentley)

The 12-cylinder engine of the 2016 Bentley Continental GT W12 Coupe and Convertible get a little more power from 567 horsepower and 516 foot-pounds of torque in its current spec 582 horsepower and 531 foot-pounds of torque.

Efficiency increases by five percent, thanks to a new feature cylinder deactivation, which shuts down half the cylinders when all considerable power of the engine is not necessary. Combined fuel economy estimates for the 12-cylinder engine upgrade is 20 miles per gallon, said Bentley.

The eight-cylinder engines in the Continental GT V8 models involve unchanged.

New Bentley Continental GT 2016

New Bentley Continental GT 2016 Redesign 1

New Bentley Continental GT 2016 Redesign 3

Interiors get new sewing patterns in the seats, leather option “semi-aniline” is even sweeter than the already standard butter smooth leather, new controls, a redesigned steering wheel and big box pallets with the signing of knurling of the company on the rear part which comes into contact with the fingers of the driver.

All these changes, so insignificant when viewed individually, combine to create a look that is just cool enough to perhaps prick changing interests of high-end sports car buyers.

2016 coupe and convertible Bentley Continental GT for sale this summer with pricing to be announced. They make their world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, open to the public on March 5 to 15, after two days of preview release (New Bentley Continental GT 2016).