new 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV interior

new 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV interior

It will be presented next month but Audi has already unveiled the interior of its new all-electric vehicle, the Q4 e-tron SUV. A model that is spacious and technological, especially with its head-up display with augmented reality.

Audi is stepping up the electrification of its range. After presenting the large electrified sports sedan e-tron GT a few weeks ago, the German manufacturer will lift the veil on April 14 on its compact SUV Q4 e-tron, also 100% electric . Towards the end of the year, the cut SUV version of this new Q4 will come .

new 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV interior

But back to Q4 e-tron “classic” future competitor of the Tesla Model Y . But also the technical cousin of the Volkswagen ID.4 . from which it takes over the MEB platform inaugurated by the compact ID.3 . Even if the body is still camouflaged, we can already notice that the Q4 will closely resemble the concept presented in Geneva two years ago (see photo below). But more than the exterior, let\’s look at the interior of this novelty because the Ingolstadt brand has just published many photos of the interior as well as a certain amount of technical information concerning it (dimensions, equipment, etc). And it is clear that this SUV does notVorsprung durch Technik “.

new 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV interior

A compact family SUV

4.59 m long, 1.87 m wide, a wheelbase of 2.76 m , the dimensions of this Q4 e-tron are generous. Logically since, based on the same basis, they are quite close to those of the Volkswagen ID. 4. We can therefore expect that the Audi compact SUV will be habitable insofar as the cousin from Wolfsburg has rather seduced us with its sense of hospitality . However, the manufacturer\’s data give Volkswagen a slight advantage. With a more spacious boot of 23 dm3 (543 dm3 against 520 dm3 for the Q4) and even 85 dm3 more folded seats (1575 dm3 vs. 1490 dm3).

new 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV interior

This Q4 e-tron, however, should not do better than the main competitor Tesla Model Y, particularly generous in terms of space on board . At the same time, the latter is taller (4.75 m), wider (1.92 m) and its wheelbase is longer (2.89 m). According to Tesla, it is possible to charge up to 2 dm3 with the seats folded down. To be confirmed with our measurements. Less spacious, the Q4 will nevertheless be less bulky and therefore easier to maneuver. It remains to be seen what your priority is.

The Q4 remains designed for the family anyway and the interior has been optimized to accommodate a number of storage compartments. 24.8 liters in total, according to the manufacturer. For example, the 4 door bins have been designed to each accommodate a one liter bottle.

new 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV interior

A futuristic cockpit

On board, we discover a resolutely futuristic cockpit giving pride of place to new technologies. First striking element, the steering wheel with a revised design with its double spokes, its logo in ” flat design “ (it is the big fashion at the moment) and its touch controls . Placed in the upper branches and backlit to make everything more readable. Several versions will be available. The most advanced model will feature paddles attached to the steering wheel to control energy recovery under braking.

In front of the driver, the digital instrumentation dear to the brand aux Anneaux is renewed. But there are three versions of this Virtual Cockpit , as it is called at Audi. All are 10.25 \’\’ in size. On the most upscale model, it will be possible to choose between three confirgurations (classic, sport and e-tron).

new 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV interior

In the center, the central MMI touchscreen is a minimum size of 10.1 inches, but an 11.6-inch version is also available as an option . The functions of the vehicle can be controlled through it. But a voice command also allows it.

Just below, we find the air conditioning controls with haptic feedback, like the controls on the steering wheel. Further down, a central console gives access to a number of essential controls such as the hazard warning lights or the Audi Drive Select driving modes. Ergonomics should benefit.

Eco-friendly , this Q4 e-tron also gives pride of place to recycled materials : plastic inserts, artificial leather, fabric resembling suede but made from polyester, etc.

A head-up display that uses augmented reality

The centerpiece of the cabin is nonetheless the optional head-up display in augmented reality. Displayed on two levels. At the bottom are basic information (speed, navigation symbols, traffic signs, etc.) which gives the impression of floating about 3 m from the driver. The augmented reality section, about 70 inches diagonal, is on the upper part . The elements that appear there seem to be projected at a distance of about 10 m. This is made possible by a powerful LCD screen which transmits the information captured through several mirrors. by multiple sensors (a front camera, a radar sensor and GPS navigation) and translated by an electronic brain or predictive image generator, called AR Creator.

This advanced display gives a certain number of useful indications to the driver but above all helps to visualize them. For example, if you want to change lanes on a motorway but have not activated the flashing light beforehand, a red line is superimposed on the real lane markings to indicate the danger. A system not completely new that we have already seen on the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID. 4 or the latest generation of Mercedes S-Class .

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