The New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver

The New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver – This year, the automaker Ford presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the annual heavily revised his Ford Focus. Included are two new engines, fewer edges and an input and Ausparkhilfe. First, the versions of the Focus Turnier and Focus Hatchback receive a “face-Op”. The ST versions of the wagon and hatchback have not received an update.

As before, the focus is one of the best selling cars in the world. Therefore, some may ask why a conceptual revision of the successful vehicle was ever made. Ford wanted to resolve some weakness in the first place. Apparently this is the automaker also more than succeeded.

The New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver

The New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver

New face, new rear part

The front of the predecessor seemed at times a bit dated. Now, the Focus has a new ‘kinetic face “- with slimmer headlights, LED daytime running lights and a beautiful trapeze-chrome grille, which also owns the Mondeo. The bumper is now sitting a little further down and the air inlet is smaller. The eyes of the new Focus are square and not round. Overall, the flowing lines gives the front a more harmonious picture than before. Back form the one-piece tailgate, the new rear apron and new taillights also a nice unit. One might think that the focus should be grown up. Or rather, adult. For in the currently still the third-generation model he has a lot to offer. Who can wait for the launch of the new model generation is determined to discover a relatively new Ford Focus Used some ways.

Better equipment in the cockpitThe New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver 2

But inside there are changes. Although Ford has kept the valve architecture. The center console but was completely transformed. Both the Sony radio with many buttons as well as the small screen was replaced by a larger, centrally located control panel with 8-inch touch screen. In addition, a large contact area provides a safe menu choice.

Many, including the music playback can be due to the sync2 software activated by voice command. In addition, the smartphone can now sit in the tray. In addition, there is a USB port for charging cable or storage media. The armrest can be adjusted. And the cup holder can be used equally for cups and bottles.The New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver 3

High-quality materials complete the renovation of the Ford Focus. The steering wheel was covered with thick soft leather and fits securely in your hand. Also for the armrest, the handbrake and the gearshift quality materials were used. Along with new seat covers, there are chic chrome edges of buttons, rotary switches and fans. In general, all switches are larger than before, which makes intuitive operation possible.The New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver 4

optimized engine

But the “facelift” of the Ford Focus goes even further. The engines have been improved and now require up to 19 percent less fuel. There are new engines, including a turbocharged petrol engine (1.5 liters) with 150 hp (110 kW) and 180 hp (132 kW). Even diesel versions are equipped with 95, 105 and 120 hp in planning.The New 2014 Ford Focus Review Car and Driver 5

Focus enthusiasts may be thrilled. In the second half of 2014 he will roll into stores. There is no information about the price. But it will probably be based on the prices of the previous model.

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