Morgan Super 3 Specs and Details

Just over a year after finishing his classic 3 Wheeler for the second time in its 113-year history, Morgan is back with a radically updated tricycle. When we see the images of this model we will realize that it is a really striking car, which has or maintains all the classic details that since its creation maintains this model, but at the same time it is updated for new trends.

The shape of the car

Called Super 3, it takes the 3 Wheeler from the 1920s-inspired version we’ve become accustomed to over the past decade. Instead of thin wire wheels and an exposed V-twin motorcycle engine hanging from the front, this one takes its early jet-era styling cues, has disc-style wheels that conjure up images of Porsche 935s, and gets its motive power from a three-cylinder Ford car engine.

While pedestrian safety groups are probably thrilled to see the rear of S&S’s old V-twin, which wasn’t able to pass future emissions tests, to the rest of us that replacement may seem like a bad thing. But Morgan notes that he made a similar change in 1937 when he introduced Morgan’s F series.

Morgan Súper 3

Part of the mechanical qualities

The difference is that the F-Type had less than 40 horsepower, and this one has 117 horsepower (118 PS), along with 110 lb-ft (150 Nm) of torque, which is sent to the single rear wheel via a five-speed Mazda MX-5 model transmission. And being a triple, it should have at least some of the wumpa-wumpa-wumpa vibrations that made the previous 115-horsepower bicycle-powered Tricycle so much characterful. Those numbers may not sound impressive, but don’t forget that the Super 3 only weighs 635 kg (1,400 lb).

Performance figures

Morgan says zero to a hundred kilometers per hour should take about 7 seconds and suggests a top speed of 130 mph or about 209 kilometers per hour but given how crazy the latest version felt at half that speed, we can’t imagine many buyers getting that far. The best thing about something like the Super 3 is that you don’t even need to break the speed limit to feel the outdoors worth limit.

A different style

As for the style, the new front exposed is reminiscent of the EV3 electric concept, whose development Morgan eliminated in 2018, while the body that narrows from the waist gives the car a lighter, more modern and also strangely aquatic look. But the changes that occur under that skin are even bolder. Instead of being built around a spatial structure chassis, the new tricycle features a true monocoque where the outer panels contribute to the structural strength of the Superformed aluminum platform.

Other technical extras

The suspension is also brand new, as it was redesigned to shorten the turning radius, leave room for air to flow into the side radiators, and reduce unsprung mass by bringing the spring and shock absorber units inward. Even the slim tyres have been custom-designed, in this case by Avon, to provide just the right amount of slippage.

Morgan Super 3

Inspiration for jet age design in the interior

Inside the cockpit, there are more jet-age styling cues, particularly around the dual-caliber instrument package that combines digital technology with a Cold War look that’s complete with the bank of toggle switches underneath. A feature transferred from the previous car is the “missile launch” start-stop button, but there are some important new additions, such as a quick-release adjustable pedal box, a steering column adjustable in range and tilt, and even a foot space warmer. to help you feel comfortable and stay that way.

Not much protection from rain

Weather protection isn’t the Super 3’s strong point you get a canvas cover for when you’re parked, but not a soft roof, but Morgan says it’s all been designed to survive nature’s whistling attacks. The dashboard controls and even USB sockets are sealed against dust and water splashes, and all four upholstery options have also been designed with resilience in mind. Buyers can choose from vinyl, waterproof leather, saddle leather and the really cool technical fabric seen in the press images of the red car that is water and UV resistant.

More details of its interior

Baggage can be stored under the lifting boot panel, fastened to the top of the luggage compartment by an exoskeleton luggage rack, strapned to the side compartments or stored in the lockable storage area under the seat. Some of those options require a trip to the list of real options, where you’ll also find arrangements for things like cup holders, phones, and two different screens, which you choose depending on how much you want insects and the breeze to hit your head. And, as with the vintage car, customers will also be able to choose from a variety of graphics packages.

Morgan Súper 3

Date of sale of the car and cost

The Super 3 is now available for orders in the UK, Europe and the US. Morgan says prices are in line with the latest of the old bicycle-powered three-wheelers, and he quotes a base price of an interesting $47,541 plus local taxes, making the price in the UK £41,995. Prices for the United States are yet to be confirmed.

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