Mini Countryman 1.5i 136 Twin Power Turbo + Electric 88 Cooper SE Exquisite

Price Mini Countryman 1.5i 136 Twin Power Turbo Electric 88 Cooper SE Exquisite: 43,000 €
Marketing: March 2017
Rating: within 1 month
Ecological Bonus: 0 €
Average consumption: 2.1 l / 100km

Mini Cooper SE: an engine from BMW

The second generation of Countryman was launched in early 2017, becoming the biggest Mini with 4.29 m long. In the year, it was enriched with a rechargeable hybrid version called Cooper SE: it uses the same powertrain as the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 225 XE, namely a 136-hp 3-cylinder gasoline engine coupled to an electric motor of 88 hp for a cumulative power of 224 hp. The heat engine drives the front wheels and the electric rear wheels. This version is recognizable among others to the yellow of the S of Cooper S and to the E on the electric recharging hatch.

Mini Countryman Cooper SE 3/4 front
The Mini Countryman Cooper SE is the first plug-in hybrid of the British brand.

Mini Cooper SE: Batteries that do not take up too much space

Inside, we find the dashboard typical of the Mini with the big round central counter. The particularity of this version comes from the eDRIVE switch which allows to choose between modes hybrid, all electric or preservation of the battery. The remaining load and remaining battery life are visible on the speedometer display. At the rear, this Countryman lost the sliding seat because of the batteries but the habitability remains generous for two large adults. The trunk loses about 50 dm3 compared to the thermal Countryman but remains equivalent to that of a good compact.

Mini Countryman Cooper SE dashboard
The Mini Countryman Cooper SE is true to the large central round meter and the row of small, chrome-plated switches.

Mini Countryamn Cooper SE: the heaviest Mini, and it feels!

Mini ad 42 km in all electric but our measurements indicate 34 km, a little more if you only make the city: this Countryman is in average rechargeable hybrids. However, the electric mode is a little mollason. In hybrid mode, electricity plays the role of boost at low rpm and allows good accelerations if the battery is charged despite a high weight: we measured almost 1.8 tons! This is without a doubt the heaviest Mini. This feels on the behavior with quite a bit of rolling, even if direct direction Mini way tries to give a sensation of agility.

Mini Countryman Cooper SE profile
The Mini Countryman 2017 reaches 4.29 m in length: it is the longest Mini, ahead of the Clubman which reaches 4.25 m.

Mini Countryman Cooper SE: the only SUV compact plug in, for now …

Remember that a rechargeable hybrid makes sense only if you recharge the battery as often as possible, at home and / or at the office or even at public terminals. We thus pass in consumptions of average 2.7 l with solid batteries according to our measurements to 10 liters in recharging mode. The numbers speak for themselves. On the price side the Countryman Cooper SE starts at 38000 € and our model goes up to 43000 € in finishing upscale. The only other compact rechargeable hybrid SUV is the Kia Niro plug in, a little bigger but less premium and less powerful, whose arrival is expected shortly.

Mini Countryman Cooper SE 3/4 rear
The Mini Countryamn Cooper SE, with its batteries, reaches almost 1.8 tons according to our measurements: it is by far the heaviest of all Mini!

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