Mini Cooper Brick Lane Edition Specs and Details

Mini Cooper Brick Lane Edition Specs, Price and Details

While MINI is already testing the new generation of the Cooper in both all-electric and ICE-powered form, the current model is getting another new special edition for Japan in a quest to make it more appealing. The Mini Cooper Brick Lane Edition is available in limited quantities exclusively to Japanese customers, bringing a touch of London to the Land of the Rising Sun. It is a spectacular car, which surely many Japanese will enjoy, especially because it is a classic in all its splendor.

It is a limited edition

Brick Lane Edition is named after an East London street known for its graffiti. The special edition will be limited to 180 units of the three-door Cooper Hatch, 300 units of the five-door Cooper D Hatch and 180 units of the Cooper D Clubman, totaling 660 vehicles. In other words, it is a very limited edition of cars so those interested should hurry so as not to be left out of the list.

Mini Cooper Brick Lane Edition Specs and Details

All special Mini models have sleek graphics on the hood and profile, the B emblem on the pillars, a set of modern-looking floating hubcaps with the Mini emblem upright, plus a blue San Marino roof. The exterior tone is White Silver Metallic on the three-door model, Moonwalk Grey Metallic on the five-door model and a darker MINI Yours Enigmatic Black Metallic on the Clubman.

Seen from the outside

From the front we can see a car that presents a sporty and very aggressive fascia, although at the same time it maintains all its elegant class, the one that has led it to cross the borders with the passage of the decades. The hood is small in size and curved downwards, with lines that pair right with the grille and round-shaped optics. The manufacturer’s slogan is displayed right in the center. Daytime optics and powerful nighttime running lights feature advanced LED technology. On the sides of the bumper we have air inlets, a third air intake in the lower central area and a kind of low lip.

On the sides of the bumper we have black alloy wheels or wheels, with the manufacturer’s slogan right in the center. These tires bring a very effective brake system that is composed of discs and calipers on all four wheels. Believe it or not, the wheel arches of this car are pronounced. The door locks are the same body color, while the mirror housings come in black. The roof of the car comes in a striking blue color.

Mini Cooper Brick Lane Edition Specs and Details

The rear of the car also looks very attractive as it brings the brake or stop lights with advanced LED technology and with the well-known British shape. There is a decorative sports spoiler right at the top, with a third stop in LED. There are auxiliary lights embedded in the bumper. This car has an exhaust outlet.

When entering the passenger compartment of the car

Interior touches include the running boards, floor mats, remote control and branded dashboard trim, plus details in Frozen Blue. The models get a long list of standard equipment including full-LED lights, leatherette upholstery, heated seats, rearview camera and adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function.

Mini Cooper Brick Lane Edition Specs and Details

Prices according to version


As the names indicate, the five-door body styles are offered exclusively with a diesel powertrain, while the three-door has a gasoline engine. The price of the Brick Lane Edition starts at ¥4,330,000 or about ¥37,638 for the three-door Cooper Hatch, ¥4,630,000 or about ¥40,245 for the five-door Cooper D Hatch and ¥4,810,000 or about ¥41,810 for the Cooper D Clubman.

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