MG5, the electric station wagon at a low-cost price

MG5, the electric station wagon at a low-cost price

Less than 26,500 euros ecological bonus deducted, this is the price of the new MG5. A 100% electric station wagon at a low-cost rate but with services that are not.

Mg’s electrified renaissance therefore continues its course. After the EHS, ZS and Marvel R, all SUVs, it is the turn of the MG5 electric station wagon to make its appearance in the range. A strange choice in a car world “crossoverized” to the extreme, and where the only station wagons still existing do not go further than rechargeable hybridization.

Regardless, the MG recipe is always the same: a family car, electrified (electric in this case), with a price-performance ratio defying all competition. And the style decidedly completely different from the old MG.

MG5, the electric station wagon at a low-cost price

A style apart

Moreover, whether we like it or not, the design of the new MGs evolves little by little. The goal, to get out of the stereotype of the Chinese car copies of the Europeans. The design of the MG5 is quite singular since it is a station wagon of 4.60 meters, slightly raised but without any adventurous element. As if the work had only been done halfway.

For the rest, the small grille, the tapered lights at the front, the 17-inch biton wheels and the few chromes scattered everywhere are all stylistic features usual among European manufacturers. Same thing in the cabin where the presentation is modern and rather flattering to the eye.

More progress to be made

The digital edge instrumentation, central touch screen, color touches and finish give a very good impression. But on closer inspection, the materials lose their beauty, being frankly basic. Ditto for the management of the infotainment, the navigation in the different menus lacking fluidity, especially to display the air conditioning controls (non-physical unfortunately). Nothing scandalous for a vehicle sold from 26.500 € ecological bonus deducted.

A mini price for an electric vehicle that could have taken care of its roominess a little more. The rear seats are decent with sufficient legroom and roof guard for adults. However, rear passengers may be disturbed by a high seat due to the installation of the battery under the floor, as well as by a backrest of the central seat that is far too hard.

The other complaint concerns the volume of loads. Only 480 liters in 5-seater configuration, and up to 1,380 liters by folding down the second row. Here again, the MG5 is very basic, since the bench seat is only compartmentalized in 60/40 and no joystick allows to fold the bench from the trunk.

Figures in the average

Again, this is a choice dictated by money. Contain its price as much as possible in order to target a clientele that could never have turned to a new electric vehicle of this type. It is also for this reason that the MG5 is only available in two versions, one with standard range of 176 horsepower with 50 kWh battery, and one with extended range of 156 hp and 61 kWh. Not enough to slam the time (0 to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds), but enough to display a range of 400 km in WLTP in its least energy-intensive version (320 km for the standard range).

In fact, the range will turn around 340 km with a combined consumption of about 18 kWh per 100 km on a route taking us from Paris to Apt via Avignon. A long journey achievable in a rather comfortable way since the MG5 accepts a recharge of up to 87 kW, thus being able to fill 80% of the battery in 40 minutes.

Comfort above all

Because for the rest, the MG5 keeps its promise of a family car. Comfortable thanks to good damping, light on its supports (1,562 kg), and very (too) soft in its controls with ultra-light steering, the electric station wagon is driven with two fingers in the city. Even air and rolling noises are perfectly erased.

On the other hand, its urban qualities become its main defects once on winding courses. Torque lifts in the steering wheel are legion, the front axle tends to lose traction with each acceleration and body movements can shake the family. Mollo therefore, especially since the different modes of energy recovery during braking participate in a driving experience that is cooler than nervous.

And in complete safety, since standard (Comfort version) theMG is richly equipped with driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control with frontal collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assistant and traffic jam assistance. Not to mention V2L charging, rearview camera, rear parking assist and manual air conditioning. Not bad at all for a vehicle sold from 32.490 € before malus of 6.000 €.

For the high-end version with the largest battery, count 36,990 € (excluding ecological bonus) with additional equipment such as automatic air conditioning, electric driver’s seat, 360° camera, black leatherette upholstery and 17-inch wheels.

Model tested: MG5 156 hp extended autonomy
Dimensions L x W x H 4,600 / 1,818 / 1,521 m
Wheelbase 2,659 m
Mini / maxi trunk volume 479 / 1.367 l
Empty weight 1.562 kg
Engine displacement PSM electric motor
Engine power 156 hp
Couple 280 Nm
0 to 100 kph 8.3 s
Max speed 185 kph
Battery capacity 61.1 kWh
Autonomy in WLTP 380 km with 17” wheels

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