Mercedes EQA: ROAD TEST VIDEO of the new electric compact of the Star Great comfort, a range of 486 km and a very attractive price

Mercedes EQA 250 Specs, Interior, Price & Details – 486 km

The new Mercedes EQA , the new all-electric compact of the Stuttgart Star, was officially presented to the world . A very interesting car for the world of alternative mobility, given that it will combine high-profile technology with an immediately recognizable design and even at a price that promises to be interesting for the reference segment. We at Motorionline also had the opportunity to take it on the road for the first time and therefore it was time for our first impressions.

How is the new Mercedes EQA?

Mercedes EQA: ROAD TEST VIDEO of the new electric compact of the Star Great comfort, a range of 486 km and a very attractive price

From an exquisitely aesthetic point of view , the Mercedes EQA was developed starting from the always popular GLA ( here you can find the exclusive episode of Com\’è & Come Va  dedicated to the German crossover), so we are talking about a fairly compact crossover. The length reaches 4.46 meters, the width at 1.83 meters, the height at 1.62 meters and the wheelbase at 2.72 meters. Obviously, however, we are not simply talking about an electric GLA . The EQA projectin fact, it has foreseen many more changes, especially at the aerodynamic level. On the front we find the compact Black Panel grille , obviously loaded with the Star, which we had already seen on the EQC and which has become one of the characterizing signatures of the Stuttgart electric range. The full LED headlights are connected both on the front and rear by a light bar, which makes the EQA immediately recognizable. The bodywork has been retouched to minimize aerodynamic drag, with direct benefits on the final range. The EQA , among other things, is the first fully digitally developed Mercedes car , a solution that has made it possible to achieve aaerodynamic coefficient of 0.28 . To all this are added the changes to the lower fascia, the aerodynamically optimized rims and the smooth and almost completely closed underbody.

How is the interior of the Mercedes EQA?

Mercedes EQA: ROAD TEST VIDEO of the new electric compact of the Star Great comfort, a range of 486 km and a very attractive price

From the cockpit point of view, the Mercedes EQA continues to follow the path already traced by the GLA , but adding various extras that make it even more refined and premium level . A great job has been done from the point of view of silence, going beyond the simple lack of “sound” of the electric motors, and thus modifying the same connections between the frame and the structure of the living area . Of course, high-quality materials were chosen, whose style is further emphasized by extras such as decorative elements in rose gold. Furthermore, depending on the set-up, there is also a special ambient backlighting, while the seats, in perforated leather, reveal a second layer of blue fabric underneath that ideally refers to the idea of ​​an electric car. Of course, the display of the infotainment system, loaded with the MBUX software , also has extras regarding electric mobility, with various indicators and, above all, a satellite navigation software capable of calculating the route also taking into account stops and times car charging. A detail that cannot be renounced for any electric car.

Mercedes EQA 250 only model available for now

So let\’s talk about the electric motor. At the time of launch , which should take place around next summer, the Mercedes EQA will only be available with the EQA 250 model , equipped with an engine with a power of 140 kW (equal to just under 190 hp) and capable of autonomy maximum within 486 km according to the NEDC mixed cycle . However, it will not be the only variant in the range, given that in the months to come, the all-wheel drive version with additional electric powertrain and, above all, power over 200 kW will arrive first. Secondly, there will also be room for the Long Range version , which should largely exceed 500 km of autonomyaccording to the WLTP mixed cycle . The latter, among other things, according to the Stuttgart guarantees, will not increase the mileage through an increase in the size of the battery, but through greater efficiency of the car components. While we wait to try it, we had the opportunity to test the EQA 250 in international preview .

How do you drive the Mercedes EQA 250?

The Mercedes EQA 250 is first of all a very efficient and pleasant electric to drive. As you probably already know, the very nature of the electric motor delivers the full 375Nm of torque immediately when the unit is turned on, thereby ensuring noticeable acceleration and pickup. The 0-100 , to give you an idea, can be completed in 8.9 seconds, a remarkable result considering the size of the car. It was obviously made so that the accelerations were not excessively abrupt, in order to guarantee the general comfort of the journey, which on this EQA always remains the main objective. The silenceit is exceptional and is accompanied very well by very well tuned suspensions. Thanks to Dynamic Select it is possible, as always, to select the driving modes, with a Sport variant that also promises to offer good travel moments, thanks among other things to a very precise steering wheel. Pushing a lot the front wheel drive is put to the test, but we repeat: this EQA 250 aims above all at comfort , also giving something to sportiness, but without exaggerating. All the ADAS in the catalog are obviously present , from adaptive cruise control to emergency braking, passing through adaptive lane maintenance.

How much does the Mercedes EQA cost?

The Mercedes EQA 250 , which as mentioned will arrive in dealerships next summer, will have a very attractive price, as it will start from a list of € 41,139 , perfectly compatible with state eco – bonuses that can reduce the price up to € 10,000.

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