Mercedes S Class Cabriolet Release Date & Price

Mercedes S Class Cabriolet Release Date & Price

Mercedes S Class Cabriolet. The new Mercedes convertible and sixth variant of the current family of S-Class models is not a convertible either for the Stuttgart brand : the first four-seater from the German manufacturer in the luxury segment since 1971. With new designs and technologies such as intelligent control air conditioning for convertible vehicles, the Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet and priceless for our market.

Mercedes S Class Cabriolet Release Date & Price

The 63 S Cabriolet, developed by AMG, the rate rises up to 222,700 euros

Prepare at least 166,000 euros to get one. That\’s the price, including taxes and, taking the S 500 Cabriolet, a V8 supposedly \’basic\’ version of 455 CV of power , four-wheel drive 4Matic and elegant exterior shape with the characteristic (and huge) soft top this across the range. Over priced at 222,700 euros the sportiest option Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabriolet, developed by AMG and the engine draws 5.5-liter V8 biturbo power nothing more and nothing less than 585 hp it remains.

Among the comfort features including the brand new S-Class Cabriolet are the automatic draft , well integrated into the headrest and armrest heated seat heating (also in the rear) heating, and automatic air conditioning control , without need for the driver to select a different mode if the hood is folded or unfolded or to save temperature settings for each option.

It said that the boot is also designed in a different way , because the top is folded and is housed in a space in the trunk, separated from the rest by a curtain of electric drive .

A third engine, Mercedes S 65 AMG Cabriolet twelve-cylinder V (630 hp), to be launched later and that its price is not yet known.

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