Mercedes C-Class electric version Release Date, Specs & Details

Mercedes C-Class electric version Release Date, Specs & Details

days ago, the new generation of the Mercedes C-Class debuted , with hybrid and plug-in engines. The house of the Star, however, is also working on a 100% electric version of this model, although it will take some time before we see it in this capacity. There is talk of 2024 as the probable date for the debut.

Mercedes C-Class electric version Release Date, Specs & Details

Based on a new platform

Furthermore, this model will be based on a completely new platform, called MMA , and therefore different from the one where the current C-Class and S-Class are made. This is what has been reported by Autocar and, as stated by Markus Schafer , this platform will host all the next compact and medium electric vehicles of the German brand, starting from 2024.

“This new proposal responds to current customer demand – the words of the CEO of Mercedes, to the British magazine – We are looking to offer a series of electric vehicles such as EQA, EQB, EQC and, in the coming months, also EQS and EQE. And we will expand ”.

A name to find

What will the electric C-Class be called? Following the nomenclature used by the house of the Star, it should be EQC , but it already exists and is the name of the brand ‘s first zero-emission SUV .

Consequently, Mercedes will have to find another name for this model. It will have to do it in the next three years, given that the debut, as we said, should take place in 2024. Before then, new rumors and information will arrive, also linked to the technical part, on which there is great silence for now.

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