Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Edition (Spied)

The Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Series was officially confirmed this week, even though the standard model was only released late last year. Apparently, Mercedes-AMG chief Tobias Moers said the AMG GT was ultimately designed with a Black Series in mind.

“It won’t be here soon, because Black Series cars tend to come towards the end of a car’s production cycle, but an AMG GT Black is a car we must do,” Moers explained toAutocar magazine at the Detroit motor show.

“We need more power, less weight, better aero and different suspension,” Moers said regarding the Black Series. “But the targets should be the power-to-weight ratio, drivability, lap time and tremendous feel.”

The Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Edition is intended to rival the Porsche 911. According to prior reports the Mercedes-Benz is expected to offer “a full family,” which include a convertible variant as well as another performance model that is slotted right in between the Mercedes-AMG GT S and the aforementioned Black Series.

The Mercedes AMG GT Black Series performance details are limited but expect power to well exceed 550hp. Unlike the 6.2-liter engine in the previous SLS Black Series, the new AMG GT Black Series will be using a tuned twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 that promises to deliver up to 600hp. Since the standard AMG GT already weighs 175 less than the standard SLS, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the AMG GT Black Series bests the SLS supercar.

Stay tuned in the months ahead as we learn more about the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. (source : carscoop)

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