Mercedes B-Class 250 EQ Power 2021

Mercedes B-Class 250 EQ Power 2021 Review – Specs & Details

It’s time for a new episode of our ‘How it is and How it goes’ : this last weekend in March we are dealing with the Mercedes B-Class 250 EQ Power , that is the plug-in hybrid version of the Star’s minivan. A model created to guarantee significant savings in terms of consumption and emissions, with the possibility of traveling in 100% electric mode for over 70 kilometers.

Design and dimensions

Mercedes B-Class 250 EQ Power 2021

Compared to the previous generation, the minivan of the German brand has a more dynamic and sporty design . Starting from the front, where we can see the radiator grille with double silver painted lamella, with chrome insert, and the Star logo in the center of the grille. The front light clusters feature High Performance LED headlights, while the side line features low-shoulder, 17-inch, five-twin-spoke wheels. The EQ Power badge allows you to recognize the electrified version and in the rear we see more winking optical groups and the double exhaust terminal with visible chrome grilles.

As for the dimensions , the Mercedes B-Class 250 EQ-Power is 4.41 meters long, with a height of 1.56 and a width of 179 cm. The wheelbase is 2.72 meters, with the aim of ensuring ample roominess in the passenger compartment. There is good head and leg room for rear passengers, even when traveling in five. Although it is better to avoid long journeys. The trunk , on the other hand, has a capacity of 405 liters with the classic configuration of the seats, which can rise up to 1,440 liters by folding the rear seats. An adequate volume also to be able to load luggage, for trips or travels.

Interior and technology

The interior of the new Mercedes B-Class is particularly technological, but also with dedicated design elements and the usual premium environment of the Star’s cars, where there is no lack of high-level materials that are soft to the touch. Those who sit behind the wheel have a seat that is 90 mm higher than the A-Class , with a benefit to the driving view, a factor which also affects the streamlining of the front pillars. The dashboard has been redesigned and is, in fact, dominated by the MBUX multimedia system , to design a more modern dashboard, to which the elegantly designed air vents also contribute.

The system offers a double large 10.25-inch HD display for both the instrument cluster and the infotainment system. The first allows you to view all driving and car information, including navigation, radio and any media, with data on fuel consumption and autonomy of both the thermal engine and the electric one. Infotainment, on the other hand, can be managed from the touch screen, the trackpad on the central tunnel or via the voice assistant ‘Hey Mercedes’.

Road test and consumption

We now arrive at the highlight of the ‘How it is & How it goes’, that is, our driving sensations on the new Mercedes B-Class 250 EQ Power. The electrified version is powered by the 160 HP 1.3 petrol engine, coupled to the electric engine, for a total power of 218 horsepower and 450 Nm of maximum torque. Power and torque that you feel immediately, when you decide to press the accelerator pedal, to get an immediate start, also useful in the city to quickly overcome intersections or to overtake. Although the B-Class is, of course, a model destined more for comfort and a quieter and smoother ride, as demonstrated by a more than good soundproofing, also to take full advantage of electrification.

The electric motor is inside the eight-speed automatic transmission and guarantees a smooth and jerk-free transition between thermal and zero-emission propulsion. The double-clutch transmission remains a guarantee, even in the plug-in, with the possibility of using it also in manual mode, with the paddles behind the steering wheel. The steering is direct and precise , while when we go on the motorway, the lane keeping assistant is a little invasive. The work of the suspensions is good to absorb the irregularities of the road, while the braking appears a bit abrupt.

We close the section by addressing a key issue for this car: consumption. The 100% electric range is very good and allows you to actually travel about seventy kilometers with zero emissions in the city, which are reduced to 40/45 when driving on the motorway or ring road. Precisely for this reason, there is the Battery Level driving mode that allows you to keep the battery level unchanged, when traveling at higher speeds, saving it for when it is actually convenient to go electric. The petrol consumption of the heat engine is also good: the on-board computer reported 7 liters every 100 kilometers in our mixed distance. As for charging, can recover up to 80% of the recharge in 25 minutes, with a fast column.

Fittings and ADAS

The offer of the Mercedes B-Class 250 EQ Power is divided into three trim levels: Sport , Sport Plus and Premium. The entry version features silver painted double slats, 16 ”alloy wheels, leather sports steering wheel, front Comfort seats and an Easy Pack tailgate with electric control.

‘Our’ version is the Sport Plus , which adds chrome trim on the window line, integrated tailpipe trims, 17-inch light alloy wheels and High Performance LED headlights. The top-of-the-range Premium trim level adds Matrix radiator grille and single louvre, AMG door sill trims and 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels.

As far as the driver assistance systems are concerned , the B-Class already offers almost all ADAS as standard: the active anti-skid system, active Brake Assist, automatic speed limit detection system, automatic emergency braking and Adaptive Cruise Control. Also present the rear camera.


The Mercedes B-Class plug-in hybrid has a starting price of 41,440 euros (VAT and Mass on the road included), while to get behind the wheel of the Sport Plus version driven by us, you need to go up to 43,270 euros. The Class B with thermal engine , on the other hand, has a price list starting from 25,365 euros.

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