Mercedes-AMG GT Redesign

Mercedes-AMG GT Redesign

Expected since the presentation of the roadster, the stylistic and mechanical redesign of the Mercedes-AMG GT coupe is accompanied by the arrival of a new version GT C.

The launch of the AMG GT Roadster was unveiled an evolution of the front. Inspired by the GT R in the design of the air inlets. And even more, the “Panamericana” grille with 15 vertical bars. The design is not alone in question, since all versions of the GT adopt the pilot flaps closing the lower air intake according to the cooling needs.

Mercedes-AMG GT Redesign

These changes are accompanied by a revision of the mechanics, with identical powers between coupe and roadster. The GT will now pull 14 hp and 30 Nm more from its Biturbo 4.0 V8, ie 350 kW / 476 hp / 630 Nm. The GT S climbs 12 hp and 20 Nm, or 384 kW / 522 hp / 670 Nm.

Finally, version C takes place between S and R with its 410 kW / 557 hp and 700 Nm. This makes it possible to display 317 km / h in peak and 0 to 100 km / h in 3 “7. Only 1 km / h and 1 tenth less than the GT R … As on the roadster, this GT C is displayed as a “deflated” version of the GT R. With its widened rear of 57 mm, but especially its wheels Rear-wheel drive.

This is also the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe C will have the honor of celebrating the 50 years of AMG, with the series launch of Edition 50. Available in two colors designo magno graphite gray and designo magno cashmere white , With its black chrome and graphite wheels. And inside a black upholstery / gray Nappa leather, steering wheel and microfiber Dinamica pack AMG Interior Night and black lacquered decorative elements that appeared in the catalog.

Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-Benz GT C Edition 50 (2017) Mercedes-AMG GT S (2017) Mercedes-AMG GT S (2017)

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