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McLaren presents a unique 720S in Dubai

The department McLaren Special Operations was still considered the case of the 720S . This time he offered him a unique livery honoring the memory of Bruce McLaren, the pilot who founded the British team in 1963. The sentence “Life is measured by what we accomplish, not years only” , quoted from famous New Zealander, is also inscribed on the flap, in Arabic characters.

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The font of these same characters evokes the skyscrapers of Dubai, which is not a coincidence. This car is indeed presented as part of the Dubai show, from 14 to 18 November. Her new owner will pick her up at the end of the event.

He will then be able to appreciate the work of McLaren’s men, who did not just put a quote on the fin. Indeed, the 720S has a multitude of specificities, starting with a satin black paint sublimated by golden rims and various elements of bodywork in carbon (air intakes, diffuser, front skirt, etc). A heat shield plated with 24-carat gold is also present at the engine.

The interior is also embellished with carbon and gold finishes (door-to-door, paddles at the steering wheel), which contrast with the black leather / alcantara upholstery. A plaque emphasizes the fact that it is a unique car. In total, the customization required 120 hours of work (including 30 for the fin).

Note that the changes do not concern the technical part. Actually, the 720S does not need any improvements on that level . Its 720 hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 is already doing a great job.

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