Mazda Vision Coupé, The return of the famous RX rotary engine?

Mazda Vision Coupé. Mazda strikes hard and probably presents the most attractive concept of this Tokyo 2017.

If Mazda remains a small manufacturer compared to the giants of the automobile that are Toyota or Nissan, it is, like Honda, a manufacturer which proposes seductive and sporting models.

Very often praised for the beauty of its concept cars, the Hiroshima brand today presents a brand new prototype that is part of the famous stylistic language Kodo. This large four-door coupé is a continuation of the RX-Vision presented in 2015 and could mark the dawn of a new era for the Japanese brand, which will celebrate its 100 years of existence in 2020.

The Mazda Vision Coupé presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 is a real gem of style that could foreshadow a new generation of coupe RX, a segment abandoned since 2012 by Mazda because of a new strategic orientation towards SUVs, but also because of too high consumption of the rotary engine, which is the hallmark of Hiroshima.

According to the Japanese brand, this concept car draws inspiration from the Mazda R360 (1960) and Mazda Luce (1969). Very long front hood, mouth of shark, high waistline, very weak living cell … This Vision Coupé does not lack character. The stern is inspired by the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante , but here with four tailpipes!

This large coupe is also distinguished by its fully glazed roof, a bit like a Porsche 993 or 996 Targa, which further refines his line. Note that the body of the Mazda Vision Coupe is very refined, with character traits that are limited to the bonnet and the beltline.

Designed for 4 passengers, the interior of the Mazda Vision Coupé pays tribute to the GT of yesteryear, with digital instrumentation, whose graphics are inspired by the cuts of the 60s and 70s and a large central tachometer.

This concern to reinterpret the past is reflected in the woodwork that adorns the center console and the storm doors, with a matte finish very popular in the past.

Under the hood, the mystery remains intact, but the presence of a tachometer whose red zone is it seems between 7000 and 8000 rev / min, as well as a fuel gauge and a needle indicating the temperature of \’water … suggest that it is a non-rotating heat engine that officiates.

One thing is certain, this Mazda Vision Coupé is undoubtedly the most beautiful Japanese model presented in Tokyo for this 2017 edition !

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