Mazda to Present Two Concepts in Tokyo

Mazda to Present Two Concepts in Tokyo

A visually bold sedan and a compact.

The Japanese manufacturers will be the main protagonists of the next Tokyo show (from 25 October). Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, all the local brands will present on this occasion one or more novelties. And Mazda, which has just unveiled its program, will follow the same path by not revealing one but two concepts during this meeting.

One of them will be a sedan that you can discover on the cover image. This slim line car will announce the future aesthetic orientations of the Japanese brand. And that\’s all we know about her yet! We shall see later what the Japanese firm, which seems to have opted for a resolutely sporting aspect, reserves to us.

The second concept takes the form of a compact. Maybe we should see in filigree the traits of next Mazda3, even if the manufacturer does not evoke the subject. What is known however with certainty is that the said concept is equipped with the Skyactiv-X, a petrol engine with compression ignition.

Mazda to Present Two Concepts in TokyoMazda to Present Two Concepts in Tokyo

This very promising technology will come on the market in 2019; it would be synonymous with less consumption and more torque. In a few words, the engine can be ignited by compression, as on a diesel. The candles are nevertheless conserved and enter the scene at the time of the strong solicitations.

The Mazda booth will also welcome the new CX-8, a family SUV that is not sold on our premises. Finally, an MX-5 in Red Top finish will also be part (red garnet red and Auburn Nappa leather upholstery).

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