Mazda 2 Review, Specs and Details

Mazda 2 Review, Specs and Details

Petite, that was the previous Mazda 2. The new Japanese small amounts we enlarged by 14 centimeters. But always with a featherweight. It now rivals the template with a Renault Clio, its main rival. The designers have given the impression of a long hood that now characterizes the brand cars Hiroshima. That’s good for aesthetics. The lines however do not have the sensuality nor originality derivative CX-3 longer.But the car is original and cute.

Finally color Mazda

Inside, the dashboard, which had views of the … CX-3 is nice, robust finish.The plastics are not plush. But it breathes well done, despite some gnashing we have been rolling over cobblestones. The controls are well laid out, the pleasant seating although quite thin. Too bad that the steering column is adjustable in height here. Livability is honest, without more, as well as the trunk.

Mazda 2 Review, Specs and DetailsMazda 2 Interior

Note that, from the Dynamique version (3 rd level), Mazda finally offers an alternative to his usual dark atmosphere, lugubrious wish. Our test model with red seats with red and white decorative veneers (such as body color), was warm, gay and tasteful … Although it is not standard. Competing, inspire you in any case of this cabin less sinister than the rival! Aesthetic and functional balance is positive.

Mazda 2 Review, Specs and Details

Engine uncomfortable at low speeds

The new 1.5 petrol engine with direct injection SKYACTIV offers 75, 90 or 115 horses. It is characterized by a very high compression ratio, as always with Mazda. We were able to ride in the middle Version (90 horses). And we were a little disappointed. We were expecting (slightly) better from a reputable high mechanical performance. The lack of response at low revs makes it necessary to pack a little throttle and clutch to slip to start, if one does not want to hang around. In urban traffic, the times also generate small spurts. One keeps repeating about this most recent cars.Unfortunately, binding with anti-pollution devices and castrating, finished the sweetness and fun!

While the mechanics can always leave change with its structural indolence and wait until it rises quietly in the towers, even be less lethargic honking by motorists. But if you want a little pep, must be forced. And there, the conduct lacks fluidity. It’s a shame because at half speed, the engine seems rather sweet and pleasant, served by a transmission locks to slightly firm but guided.

The engine quickly reaches its limits also on the road, in particular because of a long fifth gear. Worse, the drinks are not as economical as we hoped.On a very urban course, it was almost 9 liters per hundred!

Mazda 2 Review, Specs and Details

A less pleasant than on a chassis Clio

The chassis is healthy, but be careful anyway when cornering in the wet due to the small wheelbase. And management, soft and light, is too from 90 per hour! Braking distances could also be shorter. This is not a grand tourer, you understood. Let’s say the overall result is correct, but we feel more reassured in Clio. Comfort is meanwhile … Mazda, that is to say quite dry.But without excess. Sure, small French are more considerate to the kidneys

The Mazda 2 is available from 14,550 euros (basic Harmony finish) with the small 75 horsepower, really right. For 15 more horsepower, the bill rises to 16,350 because you have to go to the Elegance versions. 1.050 euros more and presto, you come to the Dynamic, better presented and more colorful – the red interior is an option for 250 euros! Navigation is 500 euros extra.For 1,600 euros more, you can access the six-speed automatic transmission.It will certainly reckon with a less developed service network and spare parts deemed expensive. However, like Toyota or Honda, Mazda has a beautiful image of reliability.

  • Test  model: Mazda 2 1.5 SKYACTIV-G 90 Dynamic: 17,400 euros
  • Engine power: 90 hp (gasoline)
  • Dimensions:  4.06 meters long x 1.65 wide x 1.49 high
  • Qualities:  cute line, quality finish, cheerful presentation (with option Dynamic), reliable reputation, soft management …
  • Defects:  slight road … too hollow and somewhat voracious engine, braking distances, firm comfort, sparse network
  • Competitors:  Citroën C3 Pure Comfort Tech 82: 16,200 euros;Renault Clio 0.9 TCe Intensity: 18 050 euros; Peugeot 208 Allure Pure Tech 82: 18,050 euros 
  • Rating: 12.5 out of 20

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