Maybach Edition 100 is extra luxurious

Maybach Edition 100 is extra luxurious

If you thought a regular Maybach was luxurious already, check out what they do when they have something to celebrate. The result of having something to celebrate is this Maybach Edition 100.

One of the many proofs that Audi, BMW and Mercedes closely follow each other can be found in the luxury brands of the early 2000s. Suddenly all three brands ‘coincidentally’ had a brand that would put down the most luxurious car ever. BMW was going to do that by breathing new life into Rolls-Royce – quite successfully – while VW/Audi teamed up with Bentley. Mercedes decided to go back to their roots and take on Maybach . The latter was less successful.

Maybach Edition 100 is extra luxurious


First, the Maybach name had been out of the game for a while. Yes, before the war the name spoke volumes, but between the end of that and the relaunch in 1997 there were about 50 years. Secondly, such a Maybach was not much more than a glorified S-Class and you could see that. Especially when the new S-Class (W221) came on the market: it was actually too good to make a step above worth it. Besides, of course, that they were just outrageously expensive, while an S-Class of around the ton also works fine for almost everything a Maybach does. The 57 and 62 remained in production for a while, but in 2013 the Maybach brand stopped again.


Still, Maybach returned, but this time as a ‘sub-brand’ of Mercedes to offer a top-of-the-line version of the S-Class. That seems like a win-win: the luxury of a Maybach and the brand awareness of a Mercedes. The new S-Class has already been presented in all its Maybach forms, there is already a GLS Maybach and there was even a Maybach S650 Cabriolet for a short time.

100 years

So Maybach is back and 2021 is a special year for the brand. It was in 1921 that Maybach presented their first car as an independent car brand. The W3 was a very luxurious car and that is how it has always been and should be. To celebrate just how much detail you can get with luxury, here’s the Mercedes Maybach Edition 100.

Maybach Edition 100

To start with: the color scheme. On the outside of the Maybach Edition 100, High-Tech Silver has been chosen with the top half in Nautical Blue. Inside, it is a very light intention with a mix between Designo Crystal White and Silver Gray Pearl.

Furthermore, ‘Edition 100’ badges have been sprinkled in the Maybach models. As always, at the back of the C-pillar is a Maybach logo, which now includes Edition 100. That special logo can also be found in the rims, the special monoblock five-spoke.

Maybach Edition 100 is extra luxurious


The luxury and detail of the Maybach Edition 100 is mainly due to the supplied accessories. For example, with the Edition 100 you get a special pen from Icons of Luxury that contains the Maybach logo and is decorated with diamonds.

Maybach Edition 100 is extra luxurious

Maybach also received help from yacht builder and silver farmer Robbe & Berking. You get two special champagne glasses for a nice drink in the back seat.


If you are a fan of this Edition 100 from Maybach, but not a huge fan of the Mercedes S-Class? Then there is good news: the edition will be issued on both the S-Class and the GLS. There will be 100 of each car as a special edition.

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