Lexus UX 2018 Specs and Details

Lexus UX 2018 Specs and Details

The Lexus UX 2018  has been presented at the Geneva Motor Show ; This premium crossover seeks to provide “new experiences” (in fact, the brand defines it as ” creative urban explorer “). One of the very few units that exist has been in Spain … and we had the opportunity to see it very closely and get on it. They have not let us start it, what a shame.

Lexus UX 2018: design

Lexus UX 2018 Specs and Details

The UX 2018 presents an image that aims to convey, like all vehicles in its segment, the sense of safety expected from a crossover, mixed with agility, driving quality, elegance … The result is a distinctive and attractive design, which suggests robustness thanks to its widened shapes .

There is no lack of daytime running lights, arranged in the typical arrow shape on the headlights to emphasize the Lexus “L” light signature, but the novelty is at the rear, where the optical groups are connected by a continuous line of light It crosses the tailgate . Formed by a sequence of 120 LEDs, it narrows towards the center, where it reaches 3 mm in thickness.

The Lexus UX measures 4,495 mm in length, 1,520 mm in height and 1,840 mm in width , while the wheelbase is 2,640 mm. A separation of 87 cm between the front and rear seats ensures ample space for passengers in the second row.

Lexus UX 2018: interior

Lexus UX 2018 Specs and Details

The designers wanted to eliminate barriers between the exterior and the interior, creating a continuity. An example is the bonnet, which seems directly connected to the instrument cluster; The consequence of this treatment of the lines is a field of vision more than correct for those who are at the wheel. Help in this section a dashboard with a low design and a narrow A pillar .

This person-centered approach leads to the concept of ” seat-in-command “, which brings together the control of the main functions of the vehicle around the driver. Special attention has been paid to the appearance and ease of use of the center console, which integrates the audio controls in the palm rest. The shape of the backrest of the seats is defined to enable the handling of the controls while maintaining a natural posture .

The leather upholstery available for this SUV is made following the sashiko principles  , a traditional Japanese clothing technique that is also used in  judo and kendo kimonos . The leather worked like this is decorated with new perforation patterns that form mathematical curves and gradients in a perfect alignment.

The Lexus UX is the first model of the brand that offers a new granulated finish for the upholstery inspired by the Japanese paper grain , known as  washi , very common in Japanese homes.

Lexus UX 2018: engines

The basis of this new SUV is the newly launched global architecture platform GA-C , used for the first time in a Lexus . It aims to provide the UX with an agile and instantaneous response and, at the same time, transmit a sense of stability and security; We will check if it is true when we roll with the vehicle on the road.

They also make their debut a fourth-generation hybrid power system ( 178 hp ) that includes a four-cylinder 2.0 gasoline engine and an electronic continuous variable transmission (E-CVT). The model will be available with front-wheel drive or with the 4 × 4 device (called E-Four) of Lexus: when a loss of grip on the rear wheels is detected, it is sent to the rear axle up to 80% of the torque, approximately, to speeds up to 70 km / h .

Lexus UX 2018 Specs and Details

Lexus UX 2018: technology and security

The new UX  offers the latest version of the Lexus Safety System  , which includes a pre-collision system (PCS) developed to recognize pedestrians at night . In addition, radar detection has been extended to identify day cyclists . Likewise, it has Lexus Co DRIVE (with maintenance assistant in the lane and adaptive cruise control), automatic road lights / adaptive road lighting system and traffic signal assistant .

Another of the remarkable technologies is the predictive deceleration assistant , which “guesses” when and where the vehicle is likely to slow down or stop. If the UX approaches a location where the driver has braked or stopped in the past and the motorist stops pressing the accelerator, this device initiates an increase in the amount of regenerative brake. This allows a more efficient energy recovery and battery recharge . The system can offer deceleration assistance up to 300 m in front of the car .

The UX 250h also has state-of-charge charge control (SOC) predictive for the battery, a pioneering technology that works on descending slopes and congested roads . It comes into action when the vehicle follows the indications of the navigation system and predicts the route for a distance of up to 10 km in advance . Thus, charge the battery if necessary to use more efficiently the electric power, anticipating the requirements of the trip (slopes, traffic jams …) thanks to the information provided by the GPS.


The F SPORT versions of the UX are clearly differentiated by a design that affects their low and wide forms. On the front, an exclusive mesh grid stands out . In the rear we find a bumper with chrome accents. To all this we must add unique drawings for 18-inch wheels.

Sports seats, 8-inch screen, aluminum bottom bracket … the Lexus UX F SPORT speaks of sportsmanship, as expected

In the passenger compartment, the features of the F SPORT include sports seats , an eight-inch color TFT screen and a perforated leather-covered steering wheel (the same as the gear lever knob). The pedals and footrests are made of aluminum and the tuning of the suspension is specific for this version.

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