Lexus RX 450h Update, Specs and Details

Lexus RX 450h Update, Specs and Details

It has been 21 years since Lexus presented the RX, its largest and most luxurious SUV. Since then it has evolved in four different generations, the last one presented in 2015. In these last four years it has not undergone major changes, and now it is time to update, although minimally.

This Lexus corresponds to the fourth generation of the model, which in 2015 received a new platform, a new design, the latest equipment and improvements in its hybrid system . This same Lexus that was presented in 2015 is the one that is sold as of now, version 2020, but with small aesthetic and mechanical changes . Its hybrid engine is the already known: a gasoline V6 that is combined with two electric motors, one on each axis, to give a combined power of 313 hp.

Lexus RX 450h Update, Specs and Details

What changes in this SUV, then? The graphics of the rear optics s, which have a new L-shape; Or the bumper design , which puts the fog lights in a lower position; The typical Lexus grill, with double arrowhead, now with a slightly different screen ; And the headlights, which have a new, sharper design and equip a new lighting system, which Lexus calls AHS Bladescan. This technology becomes an adaptive road light control. That is, the light is distributed through mirrors that allow the light beam to illuminate areas that with a conventional light are difficult to see. And at the same time, it masks those areas that interest not to illuminate. ThisIt allows you to drive with the road lights without dazzling the one that comes from the front or goes ahead of us. 

Better safety equipment

In the new RX 450h , the safety and accident prevention systems are expanded and improved , with the pre-collision system that detects cyclists and pedestrians in low-light situations, adaptive cruise control, the interactive lane path assistance system, traffic signal recognition or head up display, which has a new screen that offers more information.   

The dynamic behavior also improves with respect to the previous RX 450h, in part because the bodywork is now more rigid , thanks to the use of new welding methods. 

This rigidity, combined with new shock absorbers that absorb more and more effectively cancel out the so-called “high frequency” vibrations that cause asphalt imperfections, increase ride comfort, already very high in the RX 450h version preceding.   

The stabilizer bars are wider and hollow; and Wheel hubs are more rigid . All this, together with the new assistance of the management that I have mentioned and the action of the Active Assistance system in the Curves, which prevents understeer if you accelerate in full curve, make the behavior of this Lexus more linear and precise. 

In Ibiza, where the contact with the RX 450h was held, I could try a 2015 unit, with hardly any kilometers, and certainly, both the damping and the direction are perceived more effective. 

Lexus RX 450h Update, Specs and Details

Lexus RX 450h engine

As far as the hybrid engine is concerned, as we already knew, it has a very elastic and smooth response, not at all abrupt . It is combined with a change of variator type that, as is already known, offers a level of softness in the commendable response. However, it is also true that their behavior when we demand power and torque is not the most pleasant, as is the case with most of these CVT-type changes. It causes a “mismatch” between engine noise and actual acceleration, a “slip” effect in the change that we do not usually find in other changes of type torque converter or double clutch. Those who like to drive “sports” this change will be somewhat disappointing. To those who seek refinement, comfort and softness above performance, it is perfect. 

And it is that everything in this car is oriented to the search of the greater comfort of march. To make the journey as pleasant as possible. It is an ideal SUV to enjoy the trip and the company. Its interior also responds to this philosophy. 

Lexus RX 450h Luxury Finishes

Lexus RX 450h Update, Specs and Details

This is what we find when we get inside: luxury finishes, high quality materials, functional and pleasant design … Lexus is always a reference in this regard. Now what is added is a new digital touch screen (the previous one was not) that is combined with the Touchpad of the center console. In this way, we can access the menus in two different ways and those who are not convinced of the usability of the Touchpad, the “conventional” touch access system will compensate them.   

On the other hand, it incorporates a new support for wireless phone and two new USB sockets in the center console. 

It is also the first Lexus that incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto series, systems that allow you to connect the phone and duplicate applications on the car screen. 

Better late than never, and these systems reach the RX450h at a time when connectivity is a crucial aspect in the functionality of any car, whatever the level. 

Lexus RX 450h Price and Competitor

These small details put this Lexus a little more at the level of its competitors, basically German: Audi Q7 or Q8, Mercedes-Benz GLE or BMW X5 , with which it struggles to be a reference. This latest evolution of the RX450h comes at a time when Lexus celebrates its 30 years of existence . A brand that was born to create the world\’s most luxurious saloon, the LS 400 of 1989, and that continues with a similar philosophy in the SUV segment. With the spirit of continuous improvement, as a good Japanese brand. 

Lexus offers the new RX 450h for sale in Business, Executive, F Sport and Luxury finishes, starting at € 74,000 for the RX version and € 78,000 for the 7-seater RX. 

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