Land Rover Discovery Sport Review, Specs, Price

Land Rover Discovery Sport Review, Specs, Price

Land Rover has changed several times pavilion.The flagship 4×4 “British” was born just after the war has had a complicated history. It passed the English conglomerate BMC (British Motor Corporation), successively renamed British Leyland and Rover Group to BMW in 1994. Then the Star all-terrain was sold in 2000 to Ford, who refourguée in 2008 to Tata . Phew. Led by the Indian consortium, the firm – regrouped with his cousin Jaguar brand – seems to have finally found a managerial stability prosper. The brand indeed beat a new record last year with 381,108 sales.With successful products like the Evoque which quickly became the benchmark in uptown.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Review, Specs, Price

Immediately identifiable

The latest manufacturer, Land Rover Discovery Sport, wants to be a half-way vehicle between the compact Freelander and the general Discovery. This rival Jeep Cherokee or Volvo XC60 has a family vocation, but without becoming a monster ingarable city. If it imposes, it retains reasonable dimensions in town. The very square body gives it a look of big beefy. A success.Immediately identifiable, it gives off a strong aesthetic personality and a family resemblance with other vehicles in the range. We like these geometric shapes, massive and chic at once. Very classy. Too bad the British firm will be left to go to some pretty vulgar facilities such as false side vents plastoc. Unnecessarily bling.

Inside, the feeling of space dominates. The excellent habitability surprised.Practicality is not forgotten. The glass roof (unfortunately non-working) gives a high brightness (1,210 euros optional). It feels good in this world, sitting high and dominating the road. Unfortunately, the finish is not as refined as that of the Evoque and some materials detonate at this price. We also hear some screeching on bad road. Small detail: the leather (910 euros to replace the base fabric rather ugly) is slippery.

Unlike the German and Japanese Lexus, Land Rover outsources its telematics to a central touch screen. It is easier to use. In fact, we prefer to inconvenient dials many competitors. While we regret that the brand did not provide buttons for certain specific functions. It is therefore absurd that the heated seats are triggered … through menus and sub-menus from the screen, while a knob on the seat would be much more functional. It also regrets that the air recirculation function stops by itself after a few minutes without warning, you suddenly plugging the exhaust pipes of the foregoing you. Unrefined, that! But these criticisms do not mar a generally satisfactory picture.

Change Drivers

The engine 190 horsepower 2.2 up to the task. This mechanical PSA-Ford origin allows good performance and an ease in all circumstances. However it is about to be replaced by a motor house of 2 liters and a lower power of ten horses, already present on the Jaguar XE. Our 2.2 is coupled to either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission 9 reports (2,400 euros extra cost) more suited to this level range.

This proves soft, but not reactive enough, even in “Sport” position. We must brake hard before a turn for the retrograde box. Besides, if the multi-box reports reduces fuel consumption on highways, it keeps changing speeds on roads. And you’re never on the report that we would like. Even finding at BMW, too! We prefer a good six-speed just like the Volkswagen offer, Ford, PSA Peugeot Citroën.

As for the manual mode, it is not very effective. It takes roughly three or four speeds down to get to the good. Finally, to return to automatic mode, go to manipulate the lever on the console. Not practical. Let us add that the rotary shifter may be original, but its unnatural grip. Finally, the consumption was established on our road test track to 9 liters per hundred.And in the city, it climbs necessarily. Nothing exceptional. But with such weight and saw the 4×4 skills, it’s still acceptable. The manufacturer announced a drop with the new engine soon.

Remarkable comfort

The road handling is safe. But, of course, with its flexible suspensions, we can not say that the whole is very agile nor very exciting to lead. And woe to the direction that tends to roll, that is to say, to keep turning itself! At first it may seem surprising. Also be aware that no such vehicle slows down as easily as a small car. But, if you learn not to get carried away by the mass, all is well. No surprises though some uncertainty strike authorization.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Review, Specs, PriceLand Rover Discovery Sport interior

Nevertheless forgive the clumsy side of the Land, as shows remarkable comfort. Even in all-terrain running gear fading ruts and bumps. This is all the more commendable that our test vehicle was equipped with a typically dramatic pneumatic overcomes ridiculous to the kidneys (45R20)!

We did not do all-terrain. But we borrowed sunken roads in poor condition, with loose stones and slopes. Discovery Sport was there, lived up to its reputation. What serenity, through the program “Terrain Response” frighteningly relevant! A real pleasure. It is most of all 4×4 “SUV” in its class. Only Jeep Cherokee could tickle him on this point. This is a real fighter, not a false adventurer junk.

Fair prices

The price range is reviewed. For Land Rover is changing its engines as we indicated above. TD4 180 bva will thus replace “our” SD4 190 bva with 1,000 euros more. Or 44,600 euros instead of 43,600 for “our” car. But this additional cost will be more than offset by a significant reduction in the penalties, which will drop 2200-250 euros. So we will win it.

Alongside too spartan finish S, the SE version offers the essentials and remains affordable for the category to bring the condition of some essential options like leather. This is what we advocate. Rates are comparable to the competition, or even surprisingly located in the lower range. Discovery Sport is less pretentious sides price the little brother Evoque makes pay dearly for her sexy body.

This 4×4 is generally pleasant. Too bad the overall heaviness and a box auto enough reactive incurred in the general accreditation. Otherwise, Gentleman Farmer educated, beautiful, spacious, flattering to the ego, comfortable, safe and effective if one really needs to be carried into the snow off the beaten track. Should we expect the new engines? Not sure. For the current 2.2 is tested. The all-new engine block, he is just beginning his career. So, we recommend waiting until it has been proven and eliminated inevitable teething!

Test  model: Land Rover Discovery SE Sport SD4 190 bva: 43,600 euros (2200 euros of malus)

Engine  power: 190 horses (diesel)

 Dimensions: 4.60 meters (length) x 1.90 (width) x 1.72 (top)

 Qualities: Aesthetics impressive, spacious interior, reliable performance, outstanding comfort, true off-road abilities

 Faults: not enough reactive auto box, clumsy character, some mediocre plastic

 Competitors: Jeep Cherokee 2.2 Multijet 185 Ex Longitude: 43,750 euros; Volvo XC60 AWD Geartronic Momentum D4: 44 210 euros: Kia Sorento bva Premium: 45,900

 Rating: 14.5 out of 20

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