Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD Review, Specs & Details

The Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD is the latest declination of the house of S. Agata for the “little one”. After the Huracan came the Evo and now, for this too, the version with only two-wheel drive has arrived , a variant that has its roots in the historic Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni , a 2009 limited edition dedicated to the famous Lamborghini test driver. A car designed to enhance driving emotions, a direct, immediate, pure car. It has all the prerequisites to be a special car with its aggressive and unusual design, the engine naturally aspirated V10 Central (now a rarity), the drive only rearand a sound literally unavailable on the market. With a list price starting from 197 thousand euros, it is the cheapest Lamborghini on the list (about 53 thousand euros less than the full version), but will it also be the least interesting?

5.2 V10 aspirated, a tribute to the world of supercars that were

You sit in its enveloping seats, put on your seat belt and stop for a few moments to contemplate its interior. It is a riot of Alcantara, leather and highly worked surfaces. Nothing is trivial, each element has been designed to be able to amaze, but you aim straight at the power button. Lift the aircraft-style cover and press that button. 1, 6, 5, 10, 2, 7, 3, 8, 4, 9. This is the firing order of the cylinders that awaken the child within you. It’s automatic, the engine starts and a smile materializes on your face . You can’t do without it. Its naturally aspirated 5.2 V10 with 610 hp and 560 Nm of torqueit is right behind you, you hear it beating and pawing and you understand that it is waiting for nothing but unleashing its entire soundtrack. You just have to press the right paddle, engage the first gear and enjoy this car masterpiece.

You can feel every blast inside every cylinder, every vibration and every jolt of the car with every push on the gas pedal. I was impressed by how the car and above all the engine always try to make you understand that they are present, to accompany you in this multi-sensory experience . All you have to do is choose which driving mode to select: in Road mode the car becomes gentler, gear changes become smoother and the exhaust valves close. Moving on to Sport the game becomes more interesting: the steering stiffens, the valves in the exhaust open and you are hit by its soundtrack generated by the exhaust system inherited from the Huracan Performante. The gas becomes more sensitive and theLDP gearbox , seven-speed Lamborghini Double Clutch significantly reduces shift time, becoming almost lightning-fast. Still in Sport mode, the P-TCS , Perfromance Traction Control System works to ensure maximum enjoyment, with 30% more predictability than in the past to allow us manual traverses in complete safety, experiencing the 610 hp breeze all at the rear . Finally we come to the Racing mode. The exhaust becomes even more aggressive, the suspensions stiffen and the controls become even more sensitive. The real novelty, however, is the gearbox which in this mode kicks in the back every time you shift up. The shifting speed is impressive even when downshifting: even before the paddle has finished its run, the gear has already been engaged. The P-TCS intervenes less than in Sport mode but works differently: in Racing it tries to ensure the necessary grip to maximize the effectiveness in terms of lap time, it is designed for the track. And then the V10: in Corsa it becomes literally stomping, the idle is raised and revs up with an impressive speed until it hits the wall of 8,500 rpm when the limiter intervenes.

Huracan Evo RWD: so intimidating, so predictable

In an era of virtual four-wheel drive, electronically controlled viscous couplings and tricks to ensure traction on all four wheels without even the presence of a prop shaft, knowing that you can only rely on the rear wheels in a traditional way ensures a breath of fresh air. However, aware of having 610 HP to manage with only two wheels, I do not deny that a little fear can generate it. The Huracan Evo RWD is a car that wants to be discovered step by step , demands respectand you should never try to overdo it before you know it well. It is very safe, predictable and easily manageable, but as soon as you overdo it with the gas thinking you are too familiar with the mechanics, it is immediately ready to remind you that, in one way or another, it is in charge. In Sport mode , with the new adjustment of the P-TCS you can perform in film traverses , with almost millimeter precision and an almost total perception of what is happening under the wheels. The front end is decidedly surgical thanks to the new electromechanical power steering, consistent at the right point and well calibrated.

The solidity of the car is also maximum: the new hybrid frame made of aluminum and carbon fiber makes it extremely agile and manageable, also thanks to the weight of only 1,389 kg, about 45 kg lighter than its all-wheel drive sister. The driving experience is then enhanced by the new double triangle suspension system and electronically controlled shock absorbers, capable of copying well even surfaces that are not perfectly flat, ensuring the rigidity necessary to push hard even off the track. The Evo RWD seems even more “granitic” than the full version, more nervous and restless. Even the brake compartment ensures an almost instantaneous stop, thanks to a cast iron system with monobloc calipers with 8 pistons at the front and 4 pistons at the rear. The discs are also made of cast iron, with a truly spectacular daisy design while the carbon ceramic remains optional .

Meticulous attention to every detail

But the Huracan Evo RWD isn’t just a moving masterpiece. Even when stationary, it exudes energy, energy and emotions. During our rehearsal, together with the cameramen and photographers, we stopped as long as you want to contemplate it, in silence. The new design of the front bumper, to differentiate it from its four-wheel drive sister, is in my opinion fully successful. The new diagonal cut that connects the hood to the lower adaptive splitter is perhaps more natural than the “Y” motif found on the Huracan Evo. The 19 or 20 “wheel models are also unreleased.available as well as the rear part was also revised. A new extractor peeks out under the raised double exhausts from which you can see the valves that become incandescent once the car is properly squeezed.

Particular and sophisticated also the interiors that receive among the novelties of the new sports seats in carbon and Alcantara, configurable with 10 different colors (plus the exclusive colors). Everywhere you look we find sophisticated details, from the aeronautical-inspired piano keys to the drink holder, hidden in the dashboard in front of the passenger seat. The combination of colors, shapes and materials is as if it made us feel inside a military jet . However, we also find elements for everyday life such as the new generation infotainment system with an 8 ″ screen, Apple CarPlay and all the necessary amenities. It would not have spoiled a wheel to be able to adjust the volume of the audio playback instead of the touch controls inside the screen. From it i also regulates the automatic climate. There are also two USB sockets in the tunnel , between the two seats. Unfortunately, the possibility of placing smartphones or other objects is reduced.

Huracan Evo RWD, little weight on numbers, a lot of emotions

As implied from the start, the Huracan Evo RWD doesn’t care about numbers. It is certainly not the most powerful supercar on the market with its “only” 610 HP. It is not even the fastest, in fact its 0-100 km / h stands at 3.3 seconds , obviously a remarkable value but “far” from the 2.7 seconds that many four-wheel drive supercars can now provide. Even 0-200 km / h consequently does not come close to that of other more powerful competitors, but the Huracan Evo RWD does not care about this gap with the others, because its only purpose is to literally excite.who sits behind the wheel. The involvement, the adrenaline and the excitement when driving this car are almost totalizing. And it almost makes you laugh to think that it is precisely the most “economical” of the Lamborghini price list with its € 197,000 because, perhaps costing less, it is also capable of offering more. It finds its identity in the past to project it into modernity .

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