Kia Sportspace Concept, Specs, Interior, Exterior, Engine

Kia Sportspace Concept, Specs, Interior, Exterior, Engine

Designed and developed in the Kia European Design Center in Frankfurt, led by Gregory Guillaume, Design Leader for Europe, the Kia SPORTSPACE overcomes the classic car segment. Or 4-door sedan or station wagon. Or 5-door hatchback or shooting brake. It is intended as a vehicle capable of meeting the requirements of those who refuse any categorization in terms of lifestyle or automotive needs.

Gregory Guillaume, Chief of Design for Europe, explains its origins: “Kia did not have a break in this key segment of the European market, but I was determined not to simply create a model consistent with stylistic canons of the segment. This vehicle is the culmination of an ambition nurtured since my design studies in Switzerland. ”

“I always dreamed to design a vehicle that could also be used during a ski getaway with friends, that be exposed at the Geneva show. Geneva is a special show for me ?? he began, as winter begins to let go. It is of particular appeal and it also reigns a special atmosphere. The ideal concept had to reflect all this ?? and in my opinion, the Kia SPORTSPACE does it wonderfully! “ , he adds.

The Kia SPORTSPACE resolutely apart from other vehicles in its segment. It has NOT been designed as a charge transport vehicle, and has nothing aesthetic ?? he clearly wants a car built for the road, with attractive and aerodynamic lines.  An invitation to drive

Kia Sportspace Concept, Specs, Interior, Exterior, Engine

Exterior Design

Unlike the family, classic hunting breaks or breaks, the Kia SPORTSPACE proposes an architecture both decidedly different and sophisticated.

Its slender silhouette – sleek, smooth surfaces and strong lines – is beautifully enhanced by the very advanced position of its D-pillars and architecture of the back door, which is reminiscent of the 5-door sedans.

Gregory Guillaume explains: “The classical architecture assumes a break integrate a third long rear window in order to suggest and demonstrate the vehicle load capacity. But choosing a different optical and opting for amounts oversized D, a more raked tailgate, we thus conferred on the rear of the vehicle, a strong character – muscular and athletic. This vehicle communicates a feeling of power and strength. ”

Visual charge back is reduced by careful shaping of the rear window, tailgate and rear bumper. The edges appear to cut into the ground to mark the inclined figure and depart from the classical form of the break. “

At the front, the grille Kia SPORTSPACE reinterprets “Tiger Nose / tiger nose ‘ iconic Kia. But his Plexiglas insert is not so full as it seems. A careful examination makes it possible to discover that includes blades, and that they can be rotated to increase the air supply, if necessary. A beautiful satin aluminum trim runs the width of the hood above LED spotlights multifaceted, helping to highlight the robust character and affirmed the concept. The subtle curves, which emphasize the spotlight, strengthens the visual motion of the dynamic front and sleek Kia SPORTSPACE. The brushed aluminum trim are included in subtly concealed flashing in the front apron, which reveal their presence when they activation. Profile, Kia aims SPORTSPACE equally racy.

A dramatic main line running along its body, visually connecting the front and rear. The line of raised beltline, the side lines both simple and graceful, and the Skid plate carbon fiber, help to strengthen the muscular, athletic character of the whole. The dynamism of the delivered ?? Ignition Red ‘of this concept is further enhanced by a satin trim, running along the vehicle from bow to stern. It emphasizes the length and narrowness of the glass surface. A horizontal flashing repeater is integrated into the door mirrors, echoing the flashing of the front skirt. The design of the rear pillars, expanded and more steeply inclined forward, combines with tapered side surfaces and the exceptionally concave tailgate, to ensure that the back is equally exclusive and irresistible as the entire vehicle. The taillights, particularly wide, and the diffuser carbon fiber full length, further enhance the seat of the vehicle and its sporty character. The taillights integrated turn signals, we will discover that once activated. The roof spoiler and diffuser maximize efficiency of air flow around the rear of the vehicle. The two tailpipes integrated into the diffuser echo the polygonal shape of the rear lights. A vertically oriented fog is also integrated into the center of the diffuser. The SPORTSPACE acquires alloy wheels 20 “ten exclusive – ray. encrusted carbon fibers seem to emerge from the pentagonal central hub design rims suggest an impression of strong rotation, even when stationary.

Design Interior

Door handles are mounted flush with the body panels and deploy only when used. At the opening of the doors, we discover a cabin designed for four occupants, particularly airy and bathed in light from the full-length panoramic glass roof.

Kia Sportspace Concept, Specs, Interior, Exterior, Engine

The interior is generally simple, refined, with decorative elements of character and elegance. The combination of luxurious leather and carbon fiber ?? contemporary technical materials and anodized aluminum including milled ?? underlines the inherent functionality of the vehicle an eminently modern and evocative way. The inner lining of the door panels seems designed in one piece, stretching from the dashboard to the tailgate.

The center console and through splits throughout the interior, further enhancing the feeling of space and length. The seats ?? cuoio intrecciato ‘handwoven are coated with a polished black leather, embellished with fiber inserts carbon and provide seating that is both sporty, modern and comfortable with their four occupants.

The interior door handles “floating” – metal and carefully designed – providing rewarding sensations to the touch and perfectly fit the shape of the hand. Ergonomic switch, subtly integrated into the interior door handles, enables control of the thumb, the opening and closing of the side windows.

Different anodized aluminum touches, finishing ?? Endurance Graphite ‘, are scattered throughout the cabin : on the steering wheel with flat, on the transmission of selection paddles on sport pedals, on the barrel shaped head to shift lever and the switches mounted on the center tunnel. These elements are an important technical contrast between the black leather and fabric aluminum-brushed silver, which dresses the dashboard and center console. Facing the driver sits a combined digital instruments – with multiple configurations – with a system infotainment more complete.

The large screen infotainment system ?? perfectly positioned in the driver’s field of vision ?? can be used in single and dual display modes. It is controlled via an onboard wheel, aluminum, behind the selector lever ?? accompanied by four buttons for fast and intuitive interaction.

Other functions can be controlled via a series of quick access buttons integrated in the central display. In place of the traditional rear-view mirror, there is a thin screen relaying images of the rear view camera, and other driving information. The length of the legs generous – at the rear seats – maximizes passenger comfort and associated with the glazed roof, enhances the feeling of space. essential prerequisites for a grand tourer such as the Kia SPORTSPACE: the ability to accommodate skis. Skis can be placed between the rear seats, armrest Padded Leather, serving rests skis.

Simply slide the armrest to reveal two units each capable of holding a tablet, one for each passenger. The occupants of the rear seats can also use the exclusive mounting system tablet on the back of the seat backs forward to watch in the comfort of a video and other multimedia content.

The rear section of the center tunnel connects subtly to the loading area. An innovative loading system, consisting of 28 metal balls, is integrated into the boot floor mat leather. This combined system at the bottom tailgate makes loading suitcases and bulky sports equipment. At the start of Kia SPORTSPACE, these stainless steel balls retract 3mm in their homes, allowing the load to remain firmly in place while driving.

Kia Sportspace Concept, Specs, Interior, Exterior, Engine


Kia SPORTSPACE is powered by the latest version of the diesel-electric hybrid system T-Hybrid Kia unveiled the concept at Optima Hybrid T-Motor at the Paris 2014.

This innovative powertrain demonstrates the exceptional technological expertise of Kia, and offers a powerful and instant acceleration in all situations, while maintaining low emissions. Compact and lightweight, the 1.7 l diesel engine now adopts a dual supercharger, turbocharger with variable geometry classic being completed by an electric turbocharger. This turbocharger 48 V increases the engine torque at very low speeds and during acceleration for overtaking effortless.

Totally independent, it responds faster than a conventional turbocharger driven by exhaust gas. In addition, technology 48 V is clearly simpler and lighter than a normal hybridization system. This revolutionary innovation is complemented by an active multi-link rear suspension, allowing temporary operation in four-wheel drive. It not only allows low-speed driving without emissions, when man works ?? parking or traffic jams for example, but is also able to offer active driving experience that promise the dynamic exterior of Kia SPORTSPACE.