Kia Sportspace Concept, First Look

According to some observers is the most pleasant surprise of the Geneva Motor Show. The Kia Sportspace Concept might preview some design elements for the next-gen Optima, but for now the Korean brand is keeping the focus on this somewhat sporty looking wagon on display at the Geneva Motor Show. Its shape is designed specifically to appeal to European tastes, and the styling comes from the company’s design studio Frankfurt, Germany.

Despite the European design ethos, there’s no mistaking the Sportspace as anything but a Kia. Up front, it features a sharper version of the brand’s familiar tiger-nose grille that runs horizontally to link the LED headlights. However, the major visual focus for the concept is the long roof and angled rear hatch. The designers even pitch the D-pillar forward for a slightly more sporty style.

Kia Sportspace Concept 2

It was presented as an end car medium-high vocation strongly transverse, do not fit into any conventional category. A declination elegant and original concept of Grand Tourer, vehicle dynamics and functional fit to each use, comfortable on long rides, fast and sleep in your business trips, ideal companion in leisure time thanks to four comfortable armchairs individual choices to emphasize the ‘elegance and comfort of a cabin that looks like a living room.

From the point of view of style, the Sportspace exhibits sleek lines, an excellent balance of proportions, the full harmony between the different sides of the car which is one of the cornerstones of the design philosophy of Peter Schreyer. “One of the most difficult challenges and stimulating” defines the German designer who after revolutionizing the look Kia was called – with the title of President ad personam never before given to a non-Korean – to oversee the design of the whole group Hyundai- Kia.

In fact Sportspace hits for the fluidity of the connection between the front, made ​​more important by the classic grille “tiger nose” that runs the entire width coming to encompass the headlights, the side on the performance fluid that resembles a coupe and tail clean and simple, with no frills but no less important, and in this sense, consistent with the size of a car nearly 5 meters long (to be precise, 4,855 mm).

Kia Sportspace Concept 3

Although it is a ‘ car cross the bodywork inspired no doubt in the world of the station wagon. In fact, the Sportspace might anticipate with aesthetic features very close to those final version of the Optima family of next generation, the Kia sedan at the top of that – unlike the current model – should arrive in Italy, probably by the end of ‘ year.

Kia Sportspace Concept  With this flagship concept car unveiled at Geneva shares the propulsion: the hood is in fact the hybrid diesel-T-Hybrid that debuted last Paris Motor Show with its Optima concept. It is based on an original architecture Kia 1.7 CRDi turbodiesel (and then realized thinking to Europe) which turbo has been replaced by an electric compressor, coupled with a small electric motor. The system has a total of 170 hp maximum speed of 220 km per hour with average CO2 emissions of 90 g / km.