Kia is preparing for 2016 Kia Optima arrivesOptima

Kia is preparing for 2016 Kia Optima arrivesOptima

Kia gives the go-ahead to the year 2016 with the new generation of the Kia Optima , a sedan that rejuvenates completely to fully compete in the market with the likes of Ford Mondeo ,Ranault Talisman or VW Passat . To learn more about what\’s happening on the Korean brand, we asked company CEO Emilio Herrera, some questions about the new Kia Optima and expectations for the new year.

 Kia is preparing for 2016 Kia Optima arrivesOptima

What has been the best for 2015 Kia

The best thing was politically stability and stability plans PIVE level and I think has been the key to achieving the results achieved in 2015.

Kia expects that in 2016

Continue with this stability, continuity of fleet renewal plans. We have already had a positive information from the Government has said that the remnant that will be the end of the year, about 100 million, will extend for 2016, which we think may be PIVE until May. But it would have to try is to get a PIVE after May, so that the year is really complete. Spain really needed in one PIVE plan until 1,200,000 units, at which the market will already be at its optimum growth to continue without any help are sold.

The 5 keys to the new Kia Optima

1-We introduce a car designed by a European and the taste of the Europeans, we added a lot of technology that we had not before.

Basic two-Technology such as the blind … warning systems that are being included in premium cars and introduce us too.

3-We have something very important that CO2 levels are lower than the previous model, which means a saving for the customer registration tax level, but also at the level of not contaminating both.

4-person is important to note that it is the first time we can really launch this model with enough units, which will be able to sell many more units than in previous generations, as always came restricted by factory. Kia has a wonderful problem is that you have sold everything it produces. When he left the previous generation and the production was sold in the US, Korea and China, and there were very few units assigned for Europe and for Spain even less.

5-It will be the banner of the brand sedans. We modeled Kia Sorento, but in the “D” segment will be the benchmark of the brand here in Spain.

Kia arranca 2016 con el nuevo Optima

End of the year Kia Optima family expands: Wagon GT hybrid …

The end of 2016 will actually be lively, as every year. I think that\’s part of the formula that we have found to keep growing in the market, that is, introducing new models, new versions … to be constantly talk about us as we are a very young brand and you need to increase the visibility .

You have planned, “hybridize” full range

Then gradually other. By 2020 most of the models will have a hybrid or plug-in hybrid version. Next year we launched in late August or early September, a model that will only be hybrid and plug-in hybrid. This is the Kia Niro, a model of the compact SUV segment.

Does the Optima GT really fit?

There\’s space to give a little bit of passion. The units will be greatly reduced, I do not think we get to sell more than 5 units in Spain, but attaches great image.

Kia Sportage, one of the best selling models. Why change both the image in the new generation coming in March?

For me, this makeover comes perhaps a little early. He did not need this change yet, because it is a model that is being sold, which apparently is still very young model, people do not see it as a car that has many years, thus, we were trying to do is sell two models, the new and current simultaneously. We will not be able to do for a long time, because from now stops producing the current Sportage, but we order enough units to factory to sell both simultaneously.

The change is radical, but there is an air of family that will unite the two. Also come with more technology, more quality and a better equipment too.

What do you think of the autonomous driving?

We\’re working on it, but also want to be pioneers. At the legislative level there is still nothing to regulate this type of driving, which, at the moment it is regulated, we will move faster, but in the end I do not think in five years, although later will be the most comfortable way to travel. What we see already reflected in part of the population, ie the young, who have much less interest in driving. His interest is moving, and that\’s what we see for the future.Although we should really do it is to return the youth to feel that passion for driving.

With what car you stay Range

Personally with the Kia Sorento, by the inner ability, for ride comfort in its automatic version it is a joy. I think it\’s a model that can compete with the premium brands, but at a much lower price.

How\’s the Kia Soul?

It is selling well, we also have the electric version and we are now selling this same about 15 units (15 percent of total Soul). It is a unique model, which like it or not like it, but positions the brand Kia.

Will they arrive more electric cars?

So far, apart from the Soul, none.

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