Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP

The Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 CV provides reasons to those who believe that such a model will always be better than an SUV . And it offers an excellent interior space , great driving dynamics and a base luggage of 552 liters .

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP

The Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP comes with important arguments to convince, especially those who have been clueless with the evolution starred by Kia in recent years.

It combines a familiar profile with a very dynamic image , emphasized in the GT Line finish, together with a peculiar rear end in the fi nal part. But its main benefits are found inside .

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP – interior

It is the clear example of the qualitative leap that the manufacturer has experienced in its recent models, with a high level of finishes and a noticeable sense of quality .

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HPBeing the GT Line version has a very complete equipment (leather seats, three-room climate control, eight-inch touch screen …) to which the unit tested adds Luxury package (1,600 euros) and automatic gearbox with cams in the steering wheel (2,000 euros).

When we sit in the command post we find a detail of higher category vehicles: we press the start button and the steering wheel and seat move to the previously assigned driving position, which improves the driver\’s entry and exit.

The seats are regulated electrically . They have embroidered the symbol of GT and a microperforación to improve the ventilation, without forgetting that they are calefactables in all the lateral seats.

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP: habitability

The running position is comfortable and quite ergonomic. The rear seats have a lot of space; not in vain, is one of the reasons why the Kia Optima has been chosen by guilds that dedicate it to the parallel taxi, or VTC: its generous battle is noticeable in the rear seats, especially in the slack for the legs , that gains 25 mm with respect to its predecessor.

The boot also grows to 552 liters , with a wide access and a flat floor that includes rails to hold the load.

Another success is that you can see the work in soundproofing : you can only hear the touch of the air and the tread of the wheels; no trace of the diesel engine.

The multifunction steering wheel is leather and with good touch, with a profusion of buttons (includes four selectors) that may require some time to learn and control. From there, there is also a screen located in the box (4.3 inches) , between the speedometer and the rev counter, which offers all the information, with a multitude of data that, at times, it may be difficult to find what you are looking for, which would force you to look away from the road too much.

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HPFrom the steering wheel can also handle some controls located in the infotainment system, with eight-inch display in this finish , while it is appreciated that items such as the air conditioning have their own control in the console to avoid having to mess too much for folders and submenus on the screen.

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP – engine

In the analyzed diesel , a 1.7 of 141 HP associated with a six-speed DCT double-clutch automatic transmission , there are three driving programs : Eco, Normal and Sport, which is more mechanical.

Homologa 4.6 l / 100 km that, in our test, rose to 5.8 l / 100 km. The transitions of the change are smooth (it can be controlled from cams behind the steering wheel).

On the other hand, the curve passage is fi rm , while the direction responds perfectly when attacking curves. To all this, the car filters well the roughness of the asphalt , so much so that sometimes more information about the condition of the fi rm is missing.

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP: conclusion

The Kia Optima is one of the models that best uses its interior, something that is accentuated in its Sportswagon family version. An excellent option in the face of the thriving all-road fashion due to its versatility, price, expense and driving dynamism.

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP: rating

Price: 4

Special Features: 4

Behavior: 4

Consumption: 4

* 5 is the maximum, 1 the minimum

Text:  Carlos Olmo.
Photos: Paloma Soria.

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 CV: spec sheet

Thermal engine Diesel, 4 cylinders in line, turbocharged
Cilindrada 1,685 cm3
Power 141 hp at 4,000 rpm
Pair 340 Nm between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm
Maximum speed 203 km / h
Acceleration 11.1 s (0 to 100 km / h)
Consumption 4.6 l / 100 km (mixed)
Measures (L / W / H) 4.855 / 1.860 / 1.470 mm
Tires 235/45 R18
Empty weight 1,635 kg
Trunk 552 l
Base price 40,130 euros

Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 141 HP – equipment

SERIAL. Rail maintenance; recognition of signals; lighting assistant; 4.3-inch TFT instrument panel; browser; Harman / Kardon audio; upholstered in leather; cruise control; Bluetooth; heated seats and steering wheel; parking sensors; smart key; Wireless mobile and automated tailgate charger.

OPTIONAL. Pack Luxury, with assistance to emergency braking, obstacle detector at blind spots, rear traffic alert, adaptive cruise control and 360º vision camera (1,600 euros)

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