Kia Habaniro, the urban future arrives from Korea

Kia Habaniro, the urban future arrives from Korea

The autonomous and electric SUV proposal for the cities of the future, the Kia Habaniro, is presented.

The car shows serve to present novelties, already finished vehicles ready for production. But another of his roles, one of the most important, is to show where the industry is going. Each manufacturer or brand shows its prototypes with which it aims to mark and test market trends . In this case, the Kia Habaniro is an example.

The Korean Concept Car appeared at the New York Motor Show announces an electric and autonomous future . It is an SUV with a range of more than 480 km , level five of autonomous driving and emotional intelligence software that will allow it to adapt to the mood of the driver.

Bigger than a Kia e-Niro

Kia Habaniro, the urban future arrives from KoreaThe model proposed by Kia at the American show is designed to meet all possible demands . It is an average vehicle, although slightly larger than the Kia e-Niro , with 4.43 meters in length and a battle of 2.83 meters . Aspects that guarantee a great mobility in the city together with a large passenger compartment with spaciousness and comfort for four passengers.

A vehicle that puts the wheels in the corners to achieve short overhangs of easy handling in narrow places or with little visibility . The wheels are 20 inches in diameter providing a robust and plumb image on the asphalt.

Design elements striking

Kia Habaniro, the urban future arrives from Korea

The Kia Habaniro incorporates different striking design elements such as doors with “butterfly wings” opening or red lava details extended throughout the body, especially in the C-pillar that extends to the ceiling.

Its front is also striking with an opening on the main grille made of matt black aluminum , imitating the head of a Tiburon. Thanks to this they achieve an aggressive and organic image of the entire vehicle.

Different room

Kia Habaniro, the urban future arrives from KoreaThe space intended for the occupants could not be less. It integrates four individual seats, the floating forwards ; a dashboard of a material similar to methacrylate capable of acting as a screen to show all kinds of information.

The Kia Habaniro dispenses with screens, a huge “glass” that acts as a dashboard replaces them . This can be used to project a film when we drive in completely autonomous mode, when the steering wheel will hide to leave us more space.

When the driver maintains control, the information will be projected conventionally on the windshield.

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