Kia Cee'd facelift test & Review

Kia Cee’d facelift test & Review

Launched in 2012, the second generation Kia Cee’d marked a major break with the model it replaced: between these two generations, the Korean manufacturer had conducted its stylistic revolution and Kia would now play on the same ground that general references market, regardless of the segment.Although the brand always emphasizes its sacrosanct 7-year warranty, Kia does not want to be seen simply as a sign commercializing reliable vehicles and cheap.

Kia Cee'd facelift test & Review

Kia Cee’d facelift test

With its mid-career restyling, the Cee’d compact family will therefore continue to boost its image including redesigned with a range of treatment: as often in the automotive industry, the restyling is mainly noticed by redesigned shields and optical modified. But like many premium and even general references, the Cee’d now offers the choice of a finish “GT-Line” providing a bit more sporty drive even with a “quiet” under the hood. The shields are expanding almost as much as on the “real” GT version and under the optics, amazing daytime running lights offer a four-part light signature that might remind some Porsche models. Already rather nice to look before, restyled Cee’d seems always neatly trimmed even if the GT Line finish may be a little too aggressive for some to bear. Inside however, the Cee’d is more in the discretion and good surprise, the build quality is pretty much at a Ford Focus or Renault Megane: there are better in category, but it is far from low-cost Kia era. And space on board is at the level of the best students in the class, only the very roomy Nissan Pulsar manages to offer more volume to the rear seats. Equipment side, finally, Apple Car Auto Play and Android are optional and even if the adaptive controller missing, Catalogue self can go far enough in terms of driving aids. Provided to opt for the high-end level, and go through the options. From the comfort, but not too much sport

We were able to try the 136 horsepower diesel version equipped with a manual six-speed gearbox (Kia also offers a new automatic transmission with double clutch 7 reports). Note also that self also introduces a new generation of turbocharged petrol engines more efficient. Immediately a pleasant surprise to meet the comfort level of the car is a high level on the often very damaged roads of our test route. Not only shows the amortization flexible but soundproofing board seemed very well controlled us with little wind noise and a reasonably quiet diesel use. This diesel is also pleasant to use thanks to a rigorous control box, good availability at low rpm and a sufficient level of performance in all situations. Unfortunately, the restyled Cee’d disappoint sporty drivers with dynamic behavior rather unappealing: direction, adjustable in three positions (comfort, normal and sport) on our test model, really lacks consistency and considering its lightness the first two modes are useless. On winding roads, the body movements are moderately kept and in the end, the Cee’d facelift proves too vague to fly to give pleasure to the driver. In this regard, the Ford Focus, Peugeot 308, Volkswagen Golf and other Renault Megane keep the advantage. Side against consumption, we found a figure of 5.5 liters per 100 km on our route taken to a generous pace and Korean also shows that frugal its most recent competitors. The mechanical improvement is really welcome. One always attractive price.

Although Kia aims to sell more expensive through a design and a neat technology, the Korean manufacturer maintains competitive rates compared to the competition. While the gap is so big before, but this Cee’d shows at least 1,000 euros cheaper than the stars of the category to drive and equal equipment. Count 23 300 euros for the diesel version 136 horses finish Attractive certainly lacks the bloated optional equipment of our GT-Line Version. As for the Cee’d GT version of 204 horses, it starts at 29,000 euros is still a reasonable rate, but its dynamic behavior is not at the level of that of aPeugeot 308 GT or proposed Ford Focus ST at the same rate. There are still some areas for improvement to make the perfect Cee’d compact wagon, but the proposal seems interesting for someone looking for a model of that type of tight rate with minimal stylistic daring. Otherwise in a different genre, a Skoda Octavia even gives in for a similar price.

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