Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Specs and Details

Kawasaki ZX-25R Specs and Details

Officially launched in Thailand at the Motor Show 2020 for the Kawasaki ZX-25R, the first 250cc sports bike after the 90s that comes back with a 4-cylinder engine arranged, which looks like its real cars will How are you Let\’s see each other one by one.

The first part that we will start to take friends to watch first is the appearance. Which, if roughly described, this ZX-25R has the design that many people expect In other words, it still uses the Ninja 400\’s popular twin headlight kit and has a fairing design in the center to have an air intake like the ZX-6R, while the side fairing panel and fuel tank are not considered. What is outstanding is compared to the Ninja family, while the rear is quite clear that the socket is designed from the big brother ZX-10R, and the exhaust side is the bottom. Short cut according to fashion.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Specs and Details

The rest of the frame set is a braided steel frame. Made from high shear resistant steel materials That is strong, tough and durable enough for a motorcycle with this coordinates, the handlebar under the mane of the seat is 785 millimeters high, providing a good squat position But at the same time, the seat is friendly to Asian riders, 15 liter fuel tank, and 182 kg body weight for models with ABS.

The engine, as you know, is a 4-cylinder, 16-valve, water-cooled, net capacity 249cc and has a redline of 20,000 miles / minute, but the actual cut is 17,000 rev / min, it can do power. Up to 45 PS at 14,500 rev / min, maximum torque will be 21.9 Nm at 13,500 rev / min (based on Japanese specifications Due to the strict Thai exhaust standards).

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Specs and Details

Its front suspension Will be a pair of upside-down chopsticks SFF-BP or Separate Function Fork – Big Piston, which means it will be a separate work. One side works to control the rate of collapse. One side controls the recovery rate. Plus, it is a big piston and has a core size of 37 mm, but can not adjust any settings at all.

The rear suspension is a Horizontal Backlink or a shock absorber almost parallel to the ground and has a similar strength like the big brother ZX-10R works with cast iron swing arm upside down. Can adjust the softness level

Front brake system Although it is not a dual disk type, at least the disc size is large enough to be 310 millimeters working with radial mount brake pumps. Mono Block Caliper The socket is raised from the Z1000 / Versys 1000 / Ninja 1000 and the rear brake system is a 210 mm single disc working with a two-piston floating mount calipers like the Ninja 400, which of course it will have. With ABS installed The wheel set is made of 17 inch alloy rim with 110 / 70R17 and 150 / 60R17 tires.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Specs and Details

In addition, the electronic systems that are interesting The electric accelerator, 4 level control track (3 Level operation off), and Power Modes Full / Low are all available to all competitors that can be monitored in the mid screen. All of which will show the performance on the speedometer is still raised from the Ninja 400 or ZX-6R as before, such as speed, gear position, engine mode, fuel level, and others, but there is Change the internal gauge scale to show a new number up to 20,000 rev / min. Plus, there is an up / down Quick Chip Converter system installed since leaving the factory.

For the All-New Kawasaki ZX-25R, the price will be at 269,000 baht with free 1st class insurance and there will be 2 shades to choose from in Thailand at the moment: red / white for the SE Edition body and color. Green / black for the KRT Edition, which if you are interested Can travel to reserve the car at Kawasaki service centers nationwide from today onwards

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