Interior Photos of the Redesigned BMW 8 Series Leaked

On January 10, 2018, an Instagram user named wilcoblok fled inside the Redesigned BMW 8 Series. Fast forward to May 5, the same user once again took the camera from the cabin of the highly anticipated Series 8, but this time we’re dealing with the convertible. The red interior you see below belongs to an upscale 850i version with the M Sport outfit.

As expected of a new model at the top of the food chain, the Series 8 presents BMW’s all-new, all-digital instrument cluster, introduced almost a month ago and intended for use by Z4 of new generation.

While high-end automakers such as Audi are starting to move away from conventional buttons using secondary touch screens or touch controls, the new Redesigned BMW 8 Series center console is packed with physical buttons.

The central screen belongs to the updated iDrive announced by BMW when it gave us a taste of the aforementioned digital driver display. It’s hard to tell if the screen size has increased compared to the 10.2-inch screen you’ll find in Series 7, but we feel it’s a bit bigger. In any case, the company has promised that its latest iDrive will offer improved touch operation and the availability of up to 10 configurable main menu pages – each featuring between two and four pads.

With an abundance of red and black leather, fancy metal accents, and the sporty M brand steering wheel, the interior looks special, but is it special enough to be worthy of the name of the 8 Series? Perhaps it is better to wait for the official revelation before answering this question.

BMW has announced its intention to finally unveil the Redesigned BMW 8 Series on June 15 during the weekend of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is unclear at this point if the M8 will also be shown that day, but we know it must also be revealed in 2018.


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