All information about the new Honda CR-V

All information about the new Honda CR-V

In October 2016, the fifth generation of the Honda CR-V was introduced to the American market. In autumn 2018, the SUV is finally coming to us. The design is edgier than its predecessor: wider wheel arches, bonnet and rear are drawn sharper, to front and rear apron were revised. An indication that this SUV Honda hybrid drive i-MMD has optional under the sheet, is already the grill: It hides a variable air intake which opens only when needed and makes the car so aerodynamic. The new Honda CR-V will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (8th to 18th March 2018) .

Clean room interior

All information about the new Honda CR-V

Instead of analogue round instruments, the driver has a digital cockpit in front of him.

The interior of the CR-V looks tidier, thanks in part to the horizontally designed center console. The digital cockpit and the central touchscreen on the center console each have a screen diagonal of seven inches. The longer wheelbase and the wider track provide more space in the interior, promises Honda. This will check How To Cars at the first seat fitting.

Trunk can be opened by foot gesture

Also, the trunk has grown in the fifth generation of the SUV: Broader and deeper he has become. A new feature is a variable floor, which, while somewhat stealing volume, provides a flat cargo area when folding the seats. On request, the CR-V is the seven-seater , the third row of seats has a rather comfortable leaning inclination with 101 degrees. The electric tailgate can now also be opened by foot gesture. So that it does not hit the ceiling in low-ceilinged rooms, the opening height can also be adjusted.

Hybrid comes without gear

All information about the new Honda CR-V

Thanks to electric motors, the CR-V Hybrid gets by without a transmission.

The new CR-V is also available as a hybrid. Behind the i-MMD hybrid system conceal three engines . An electric drive motor, a two-liter i-VTEC gasoline engine with four cylinders and a separate generator. This is the SUV without conventional gearbox. Thanks to the electric motors, a fixed translation is sufficient. The conventional 1.5-liter VTEC turbo petrol engine is also available in a variety of engine power ratings. It is either coupled to a six-speed gearbox or to a continuously variable CV automatic and comes with front or four-wheel drive . The diesel engine offers Honda, however, no longer.

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