Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport – A luxury sedan can also be fun and engaging to drive? This is the first question I asked myself when I found out that I spent time in the company of Q50 Hybrid . The days of taking over, before starting the test, I stop for a moment to observe carefully the design. Harmonious lines, accentuated at the right side of the car’s muscular, conveying a feeling of grandeur and sportsmanship. Overall one can speak of a look that attracts attention, without crossing the fine line that leads to ostentation.

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test

The interior is exceptional. The materials used are of high quality and attention to detail is obsessive. Everything is taken care of impeccably … except the top of the console. The plastic it is made, too stiff to the touch, it is definitely not the height of the materials that surround it: a pity. Aboard the interest is immediately captured by the double central display. The top screen is mainly dedicated to the navigation system, while on the lower screen are displayed the commands to the systems of the car accessories and various app.

The feeling is of being in front of two screens born with different timing. The upper one quite classic, the lower decidedly “captivating” but covered by a crystal that tends to get dirty too easily. Speaking of the instrument panel, should be mentioned the Drive Mode Selector with its five modes: Standard, Sport, Eco, Snow and Personal.

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test

So much space available for both front seat passengers, both as regards the rear seats; even the highest are placed in a comfortable way, thanks to a wheelbase of 2850 mm. Not so large, however, the capacity of the trunk. The test model is also devoid of the push-button for the automatic closing of the luggage compartment. An additional convenience, almost always present on today’s cars of this type. In terms of the size Q50 records a length of 4790 mm, a width of 1820 mm and a height of 1455 mm. On completion of the analysis “static” begin the road test.

The 3.5-liter petrol pushes on a regular basis , and fluid, making me forget the mass of the car. A guide decidedly relaxed, that goes well with the shoes of a sedan representation. When there is, however, to pull off the cavalry, the hybrid does not pray. The power of the heat engine of 302 horsepower coupled to the electric motor, capable of delivering 67 horses, bears the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid to have 364 horses . A value of respect, which is reflected in reality sinking firmly on the accelerator pedal I get a lightning fast response, with a progression towards the top of the tachometer nothing short of outrageous.

The automatic transmission engages quickly, and accurately, the seven gears available. The sensations transmitted by the steering steer-by-wire details. This is the first electronic steering in the world. The system works by transferring Direct Adaptive Steering electronically the driver input to the front wheels; an actuator with high reactivity drives the rack. Eliminating mechanical losses, steering response is faster and eliminate the vibrations of the steering wheel despite still being provided feedback of the road surface.

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test

The electronics also allows you to set preferences according to both the power steering that the answer, also saving all the settings on each driver. Depending on the model, there are up to four preset modes, plus a custom mode. After a short period dedicated to “knowledge” mutual I must admit that with this command I found myself really well, in all the circumstances. The suspension, rigid at the right point, guarantee the choir compromise between sportiness and comfort. Impeccable the work of the four-wheel drive and electronic systems.

Improved responsiveness of the braking system . Although it is always able to get normal stopping distance, braking system showed some “suffering” during some sharp deceleration.Overall the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid proved to be a versatile car that can adapt, and put at ease the driver, in the most varied situations. The answer to my original question, then, can only be yes.

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test

On days in the company of trascose Infiniti Q50 Hybrid  I got to test even the sophisticated technological systems to improve the life of the driver such as the ‘ Active Lane Control , or the detection system of the overrunning of the lane. Speaking of electronics and security, we should also mention the Forward Collision Warning to minimize collisions.

On the luxurious car is also offered intelligent brake assist system ( Intelligent Brake Assist Plus ), the system that manages the lateral stability ( Lateral Stability Enhancement ), the vehicle dynamic control ( Active Trace Control ) and the anti-collision system in reverse for avoid accidents in output from the parking ( Back-up Collision Intervention ).

Then there are the opportunity to take advantage of ‘ Around View Monitor with 360 °, the system ICC ( Intelligent Control Cruising Speed ​​) functionality with Full Speed ​​Range, the Distance Control Assist in maintaining distance from the vehicle ahead, the devices reporting and intervention on the blind spot Blind Spot Warning and Blind Spot Intervention and finally the system of care in the prevention of collisions Forward Collision Avoidance Assist .

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test

Speaking of consumption it must be stressed that the actual mileage of the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport are strongly influenced by many factors, which affect so much more important than they do on models with conventional engines.

The key to keep in mind, in addition to the actual “work” of the ESA, are: dosing mode accelerator / brake and the way that is going to go. To give you an idea of ​​values ​​that can be achieved, however, I report my experience. To tell the truth I must add that during the short test, which took place on a route that includes our “traditional” mix of roads (70% in cities, 20% in the ring road / highway and the remaining 10% in the streets of the country) for consumption tests, on many occasions my foot was not too light. Therefore the values ​​that I report below I am sure that, by making additional precautions, can be improved.

Here are all the data of the consumer:

Km – Euro – Euro / liter – Litres – Km / l

209 – 28-1419 – 19.73 – 10:59

232- 28.10 – 1419 – 19.80 – 11.71
531 – 80.49 – 1499 – 53.70 – 9.88Total: 972 Km 136.59 € and with an average consumption of 10.72 km / l .Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport Reviews, Consumption Test