Infiniti Q30 2.2d DCT AWD Tes

Infiniti Q30 2.2d DCT AWD Test & Review

Infiniti Q30, After the timid initial approach phase, Infiniti intends to move up a gear in Europe. With what arguments? Those of a stylish compact sedan, high on legs, with starry origins: Q30. The combination of happiness?

With sales growth of 8% in November 2015, Infiniti recorded its 15 thconsecutive month of growth globally. In late November, with 192,000 vehicles, the brand “premium” of the Renault-Nissan alliance had already exceeded the total number of sales in 2014. However, it appears that the business results Infiniti differ significantly depending on the markets studied. Infiniti America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America, by far its biggest market. It alone accounts for more than 130,000 of his total sales. China is the second largest market for the brand, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. Despite the economic slowdown in the Middle Kingdom, Infiniti remains one of the “premium” brands to the fastest growing, with 36,000 sales ( 35%) at the end of November.

Infiniti Q30 2.2d DCT AWD Tes

For now, Europe is meanwhile not very sensitive to the arguments of large SUVs (QX50 and QX70) and the large sedan (Q70) Infiniti. The launch of the Q50 sedan, better suited to European requirements, has nevertheless allowed the manufacturer to pick up a few clients. The coat of arms arrived in Europe in 2008 was finally registered in the first 11 months of 2015 an increase in sales of around 50% compared to 2014. In absolute terms, sales are still weak: the Old Continent n \\’ 6300 Infiniti that has absorbed at the end of November. The “momentum” for Infiniti Europe should match 2016, when Q30, QX30 SUV and its future variant, will come out of the British plant in Sunderland.

Infiniti Q30 2.2d DCT AWD Test & Review

In short

  • MechanicalAlthough he is satisfied with a single variable geometry turbo, the 2.1 liters of origin Mercedes proves to be very flexible in the low rotations while allowing the enjoyment of sports virtually acceleration. Its agreement with the robotised gearbox clutches 2 series associated with it is perfect. Ultimately, mechanical authorization is excellent, although we would have liked more discretion on the part of the large 4-cylinder in his early mornings.

  • HandlingControlled by a natural direction, the front axle is used to trace his lines with precision and economy of effort. The enhanced plate was a little afraid agile behavior: it is not. Body movements prove effectively hindered: you control a dynamic car, sound and rigorous. With the optional AWD, traction is always optimal. But on the road! Apart from his trousers rolled up, the Q30 is not an adventurer.

  • securityInfiniti Mercedes enjoys the zeal to offer a generous safety equipment. Q30 has as standard 7 airbags and a proximity warning system with automatic emergency braking in the event of danger. Optional or standard on high finishes, there is a antidévoiement, a blind-spot monitoring, a 360 ° with detection of obstacles on approach and an active distance control. Recently, the Euro-NCAP Q30 crowned its top rating of 5 stars.

  • ComfortOn the soundproofing plan, Q30 proves convincing when his engine temperature reached. The ride comfort is globally significant, even if there is a perfectible filtering and a fixed damping at low speeds. The seating comfort of the seats could be better: keeping is not perfect and the seat is too short. The living space in the back is acceptable on him for two medium-sized adults. But nothing more.

  • PracticalityWith 367 liter boot, the Infiniti Q30 not emerging as the best mover in the market. With its sliding seat, the BMW X1 frees up to 600 l! Modularity is sketchy: the folder (40/60) falls back on the seat to form a flat cargo area. With the high-end Bose sound system, the subwoofer occupies what was the storage space under the floor. Access to the rear seats is not simpler given the narrow opening.

  • BudgetOffered from € 28,950 in 2 wheel drive (4WD € 33,340), the Q30 wants a ticket to the world of compact “premium” more affordable than its direct competitors. Especially the one with the star, which shares the womb, and that appears identical engine from 36,663 / € 38,841. Infiniti will remains well equipped as standard, it already has the necessary equipment and some comfort. Infiniti has only 2 concessions in Belgium. The guarantee extends over 3 years.

Infiniti Q30 2.2d DCT AWD Test & Review

Infiniti Q30 2.2d DCT AWD Test & Review

Conclusion / Infiniti Q30 2.2d DCT AWD: Welcome compact

We expected to lead a clone of Mercedes GLA. Ultimately, the Infiniti Q30 has a nice personality. Especially from the outside: nice looking and unusual with its high cut look on legs, it attracts attention. Once on board, by cons, Mercedes commands too clearly dominate the landscape. And seats inherited from the Class A do not offer the expected comfort. En route, the Q30 displays a dynamic road behavior as its generous ground clearance does not suspect. And that too without getting paid this fine balance by a caricature amortization. Finally, the finish is correct, generous standard equipment, extensive and convincing mechanical range and pricing structure designed to pose as an alternative “interesting” brands “premium” traditional. In summary, the product developed by Infiniti for the European customer is ready. Remains to be seen if he will be ready to be interested in a model “exotic” a brand the network still to be built.

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