Hyundai i30 N test: convincing test

Hyundai i30 N test: convincing test

Hyundai i30 N, For its first creation badged “N”, Hyundai comes to shake the small world of compact sports. With some success … even though it will not necessarily be obvious for this discreet i30 to make a place in the sun.

Hyundai i30 N test: convincing test

While BMW opted for the “M”, Hyundai chose the “N” to designate its sporting branch. A name proclaimed by this i30, which also marks the manufacturer\’s entry in the compact sports. Unlike the technology that is considered too costly (all-wheel drive, rear-wheel steering), this Korean is entitled to controlled damping, limited slip differential and advanced exhaust system. In fact, N mode is activated (one of the five available, via two keys on the steering wheel), the i30 delivers the “vabrooo” acceleration and flips at the foot rise missing a Peugeot 308 GTi .

Hyundai i30 N test: convincing test

Strong driving qualities

A suggestive sound ambiance that the Korean gives concrete solid road qualities, the leadership offering, a first for Hyundai, a good feeling of what passes under the wheels. Adding an incisive forward train, a serious damping in Normal mode – far too firm on the N setting, dedicated to the circuit, for roads poorly coated in our test – and this i30 astonishes by its good dispositions and ease of driving. A true sportsman to put in all hands, especially as the braking is very hard (in the absence of a sufficient bite) and fast and precise gearbox control.

Hyundai i30 N test: convincing test
First at Hyundai: the management offers a good feeling of what happens under the wheels. © Bruno Picault

Flexible and responsive enough, the 2 l turbo of 275 hp disappoints, however, by its temperament too smooth. So much so that one “tap” sometimes in the breaker despite the diodes which indicates its proximity. But the main criticism that the “experts” will address to this i30 is the unwavering stability of its rear end, especially on circuit. For a debutante, the balance remains however flattering, even if Hyundai should have taken care more of the rowing of his first creation badge “N”.

A bet not won in advance

Discreet inside and out, this Korean GTI also imposes a relatively high driving position, not really sporty , while the materials of the dashboard are a little chicken for a compact sophisticated charged 34 800 € (October 2017 price). This generous price includes, of course, a very complete equipment, but emitting 163 g / km, the i30 N imposes a penalty of 3,290 € … which will increase to 4,673 € in January 2018.Opposite, a 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport is showing 38 700 €, but its penalty is only 410 € (953 € in 2018), and the French should sell more easily.

Hyundai i30 N test: convincing test
Rather discreet, this Korean does not show less less good dispositions and a nice ease of driving. © Bruno Picault

Hyundai i30 N DATA SHEETS

Trade Name Hyundai i30 N
Engine 4-cylinder in-line, Turbo, 16 S, 1998 cm 3
Power 275 hp
Couple 353 Nm
Transmission Before
Type of box manual

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