The Toyota GR Supra Sport Top reappears at the SEMA 2021

How to prepare your car before taking a long trip

Save the assistance number on the road and then simply call the number if you have a breakdown. It is very important that you have all the necessary precautions when making long trips, this can facilitate your trip and make it safer.

The Toyota GR Supra Sport Top reappears at the SEMA 2021

Going on the road to a long trip can have many adventures for which you must be prepared, especially for those where you have to give a small maintenance service to your car on the side of the road.

When you plan a long trip, you should also think that the car can fail and that is why you should also prepare your car so that everything is under control. Otherwise, you could be stranded on the road with no power to do anything.

The best thing is that you take the time to check your vehicle and that you pack some things that can help you activate your car and be able to continue on your trip.

This is a list that can help you prepare your car before taking a long trip

1.- First aid kit

Make sure you have everything you need to survive a night or two in case things go wrong. Before leaving, check the weather conditions so that you go well prepared and always carry plenty of water.

2.- Check the charging system

If you’re going on a long road trip, it would be nice to know that your car’s battery is fully charged and your alternator is working properly.

3.- Check the tires

Make sure your tires have a good tread and the right air pressure. If necessary, fill the tires with air or buy new tires if they don’t have much life left.


Do not forget to check the spare tire, test it and make sure they are in good condition.

4.- Motor oil

Make sure the car has enough oil to properly lubricate the internal components of the engine. Engine oil should be relatively new and should be changed within the recommended oil change interval throughout the trip.

5.- Check the cooling system

A bad cooling system can ruin an engine in perfect condition. Check that you have enough coolant and inspect the cooling hoses to make sure none are hard and brittle, or too soft and fluffy.


Check the radiator cover and surrounding area for signs of coolant leaks.


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