Hot! The Appearance of New Variant Lamborghini leaked!

New Variant Lamborghini leaked

New Variant Lamborghini leaked  ~Lamborghini plans to launch a new variant in the Paris Motor Show on October 2 in the future. Before he finally opened in advance of the public, such sightings have been leaked photo first.

New Variant Lamborghini leaked

Asterion name Logo with lightning accessories became the first clue about the performance later. From the symbol, it is estimated the new Lamborghini the bully will use electric machine. It could be possible again, so the Asterion Lamborghini engine hybrid will be contested with McLaren P1, VW and Porsche 918 LaFerrari Ferrari.

A successful photo taken by carscoops it shows how his presence in the future. ‘S body looks pretty dynamic combined with a fairly powerful aerodynamics. Despite his physical form has found, automotive analysts were still hard to conclude a range of detailed specifications about the Variant. New Variant Lamborghini leaked

 Lamborghini leaked
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