Honda Urban EV Concept Specs

HONDA URBAN EV CONCEPT – Honda unveils at the Frankfurt Motor Show an astonishing concept car, with the eighties look. It prefigures an electric city car that could arrive in 2019.

HONDA URBAN EV – How not to crack face this boil straight out of a box of Playmobil? The body of the concept car Honda Urban EV , presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show , seems molded in one piece. It evokes at the same time the first generation of Golf, like certain Italian productions of the Eighties . It is 3.89 m long and announces a brand new 100% electric platform , but Honda does not communicate any technical data at the moment, except that its batteries could potentially power a home network.

But what does drunkenness matter? For now, it is the bottle that interests us, containing a cockpit at the height of its exterior style. The longitudinal dashboard strikes by its extreme stripping, enhanced by a gigantic multimedia screen that does not have to blush opposite that of a Mercedes S-Class . The Japanese atmosphere emphasizes cocooning with a single-seat bench at the front, whose armrests are housed harmoniously in the counterports. Also note the rearview screens in the extension of the cockpit. It only has to hope for this universe will be transcribed on the model of series in 2019 .

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