Honda Navi Review & Comparison with Honda Activa

I got a call from Rishav of Dugar Honda earlier today if you’re looking to buy or maybe you are looking for a test drive of any of the Honda motorcycles in and around Kolkata I’ll put up their number on screen and you can give them a call and tell them.

Honda Navi

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Last week, I was riding at 1300 cc Suzuki Hayabusa and this week I find myself with something unique… the 110 cc all new scooter motorcycle from Honda the Navi. When you are looking at the Navi, the styling is the most unique part. I mean it has got the chassis of a scooter, the engine placement of a scooter but the styling of a motorcycle. and if you’ve seen the review of the Honda Grom which is somewhat the inspiration for the Navi, you know where this is coming from but that the Honda Grom, I mean, or the MSX125 is a motorcycle.

It is a mini motorcycle whereas this is more of a scooter because this takes the engine and the platform both from the Activa but when you are looking at the styling part of it; there are certain things which I love for example I really loved this part this is right out of the Grom’s styling and it has got that Honda badging on top of it, which is just a sticker job.

The handlebar, if you’re looking at the handlebar, it’s a very thin basic handlebar but I really love that connection rod here and then you have a very simple console.

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No fuel gauge no trip meter just an odometer and a speedometer, no rpm meter (Tacho) as well so that’s like right out of the old feel and if you’re looking at the handlebar lock it’s it’s not in the console like it is in most bikes we ride these days it’s right below there on the neck it’s completely giving you a retro feel as well as I think that is some of the cost cutting which is seen on this motorcycle but when you are talking about the looks I mean the side body panels at the long the seat which is very comfortable by the way and the overall shape of this motorcycle kinda makes people notice you.

This is 39,500 ex-showroom, Delhi and if you’re buying a motorcycle in this price range, you have another option from Bajaj which is a regular sized, full-size motorcycle, if I may say so…

It doesn’t grab all that attention but yesterday when I walked into a pretty crowded Plaza everyone was asking about this bike and that’s the USP I mean you’re buying this and you’d get the attention and if you’re if you’re looking for that kind of attention then maybe it’s a good idea, so this is being targeted towards the youngsters and suppose someone’s going to college and he doesn’t have that much public transportation in his area, would be a very nice choice for this because easy to afford and you know it would give him the attention.

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it’s kind of like a very young thing I wouldn’t want a middle aged person riding the Navi, though, with its current price I think everybody will be riding it. Like I said, people have a lot of curiosity about this motorcycle and I have to answer them.

The first thing which even I thought of is whether this is a scooter or a motorcycle. No, I’m not talking about looks, I’m not talking all features I’m just talking about the feel of it.

When you’re riding a motorcycle what you basically have is the engine on the front area because the engine is on the back this gives the motorcycle a completely different dynamics for example the front brake which is usually strong in the motorcycles in this case it’s the rear brake that’s working well because the rear has more weight on it, both the breaks are 130 mmm water drum brakes so the rear brake is working a lot stronger there is a tendency to lock up the rear brake if you go very hard at it but the front brake it doesn’t really have all that bite, so when you are riding it within the city just using the front brake you can stop at around say 20- 25 km/h if you’re running around that.

On a high-speed you need to use both the brakes, otherwise, is just not stopping and the rear brake is playing a good amount of progressive breaking to stop this motorcycle.

Initially it scared me because the scooter is stopping instantly but then I got used to it I really like how much braking power I had; if was in a panic braking situation I could stop this thing in a really, really small amount of time.

One bad thing I did find: we were doing a lot of open road and it was not the highway but the suburban area in which we were testing the bike it had a lot of open roads and the wind, the wind turbulence really unsettled the bike which is ok because we were doing speeds of over 60 km/h not higher than that but even there we could feel something.

Something moving around, now one thing could be that because this part is hollow some wind may be getting into it, the crosswinds and maybe unsettling the bike a little bit more by creating an up-thrust that could be a point I’m not really sure.

One of the point would be its lightweight but that was really unsettling to us in the beginning we got adjusted to it but on on high cross winds this may be a little bit of a problem. Cornering and feel… youngsters corner very well with the scooties, because of the lack of the weight on the front end I was feeling that the front end feedback was missing.

which was a bad thing for me tires were keeping up very nicely, MRF has provided nice tubeless tyres for this motorcycle or scooter whatever you want to call it. I’d call it rather a scooter.

Initially I had a problem leaning it into the corner and the bike tips into the corner pretty easily Actually, it tips into the corner so fast that if you peg-weigh or put your left foot pressure on the peg to get the bike into the corner it goes in too fast so you have to really apply a little pressure and that is enough to tipping the bike into corners mid corner stabiliy is not there; I didn’t feel that much but once you get used to it you can really relax the bike into the corner coax it into the corner and does pretty well.

low speed flickability on this thing reminds me of a bicycle which means it’s utterly flickable and even a 12 year old boy can ride this thing with ease and if you’re talking about the turning radius, it has got the shortest turning radius you can imagine.

City riding with in traffic was absolute breeze because in your left hand is absolutely sitting idle it’s the rear brake you don’t have to use any clutch. Your left foot, you right foot, everything is sitting idle. I was kind of getting my feet cramped because…

stationary I’m not used to that I’m not I’m used to moving them around quite a while so, it’s very comfortable once I got used to it.

Ergonomics wise one thing was that, I initially did not like the position of the foot pegs which I was expecting a little bit towards the back because that’s what we feel on the motorcycles on this one you know it’s way front but once you get used to it again if you’re used to a scooter it will be easy for you to ride this.

If you’re used to a motorcycle it will take a little bit of adaptation the bar deliverie is just a little bit slowered up so you don’t get the instant throttle accelaration; don’t expect that from a 100 cc 8 BHP thing basically, 110cc (correction) but I’d say, it’s pretty zippy and even with the pillion it was having enough go to get the job done.

Didn’t find many bad roads where we were testing so we just went off-road to test out the suspension. The front telescopic suspension is on the harder side whereas the rear, spring loaded hydraulic is on the softer side.

I would say, it does pretty well on off-road conditions but in case of bumps the suspension does have a tendency to bottom out.

For the purpose it is serving I would say it’s fine. One thing is that I’ve never felt very comfortable with scooters the reason is the Scooters the reason is that, wheels are too small.

I was expecting bigger wheels on the Navi and Honda does deliver with 12″ wheels, compared to the 10″ wheels on the Activa. that’s one of the differences.

Now, the engine, the power output, the torque and the chasis, all are same with the activa. It’s the same engine and the same platform. Styling is different but it does get some other changes as well. 7 kgs is lighter than the Activa so, the accelaration should be a bit more eager the tires are also different, the front is a size smaller where the rear maintains the same size of the activa.

It is not a complete motorcycle handling feel but it tries to do as much as it can, for example the front gets the telescopic suspension whereas on the activa its spring loaded hydraulic suspension. and the rear on both the scooters or motorcycles, whatever you want to call them is the same spring loaded hydraulic.

Another thing I like; is it’s it’s a mono suspension it’s asymmetric which is a nice touch I mean I really like the styling part of that.

I think it will deliver a little bit more mileage than the activa and we know that the Activa is about 60 km/l so I’m expecting at least 65 maybe on this; 63 to 65 kilometers per liter I haven’t tested it; because it doesn’t come with the fuel gauge which is one of the biggest negatives actually.

Talking about the fuel tank capacity in this is having some 4 liter of fuel tank capacity whereas the Activa has a 5 liter fuel tank capacity. so that way I think that is a little more practical, the Activa, but I would like to tell you one thing, that it does come with a retro reserve switch so it’s not like you’ll be running out of fuel because whenever you run out of fuel you still have you can turn it to reserve and you know that you’ve hit the reserve even if you cannot see the fuel gauge you will know when you open your about to run out of fuel so that’s a welcome touch.

Another big point would be would be upgradability, you can customize this. Honda has promised more versions in future and you would be able to change parts, colors and everything on this bike which is a welcome touch, actually, the Activa doesn’t have that and if you’re going for luggage space that’s one of the reasons why people buy scooters.

We generally, get a good amount of luggage because I’ve seen people that he was a very barely reagan the story even a full face helmet some people do that but on the nav you do have some space below this I mean under the seat but it’s almost as the same as a motorcycle which is to say doesn’t end in March but you do have this nice to hear we tried placing a full face helmet in there it didn’t go in you can place in a backpack other small items that would go in and you do have the option to buy a box a separate access free and she put it there so you can lock in something securely so that’s an additional accessory.

I’m not sure of the price because it’s not available in this room right now but you do have some storage talking about storage space back practicality I’d say this is more practical than a motorcycle but less than a school teacher and it is hundred-person fun! if you’re really looking forward to buying a Honda Navi. I would ask you to really go ahead and at least a good day is right because Google Honda has been really helpful, they give me the more psycho last night and I got it for a full day of protest a written it overall definition so their contact details are live on your screen give them a call take a test drive.

source: Ride With Rahul

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