Honda FCV 2016 Interior

Honda FCV 2016 Interior

Honda FCV 2016 Interior. TBH, I’m disappointed on the speedometer cluster. It looks pretty much similar to the 2017 Civic. For an trailblazing halo car as the FCV is, I’ve epxected a more techy look and the speedo above the steering wheel – may it by 2 tier dash or via head-up-display.

Having to look through the steering column and away from the road you’re driving on is just so last century.

you\’re right. And there is the HUD

Honda FCV 2016 Interior

“Honda aims to wring the most from its costly investment in the FCV by using the same platform to underpin a new plug-in hybrid vehicle, Ohtsu said. That car is expected around 2018.

The plug-in will deliver at least three times the 13-miles, electric-only range of Honda’s latest plug-in, a gasoline-electric Accord. It also will allow for extended EV-mode driving on highways.

The car mates a 130-kilowatt motor and lithium ion battery to a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of less than 1.8 liters, engineers said. The Accord Plug-In had a 2.0-liter and was dropped by Honda in the U.S. for the 2015 model year.

The next plug-in will eke extra EV range through a new lithium ion battery that boosts energy density by half, said Hideharu Takemoto, a chief engineer of electrified drivetrains.

Part of the improvement came through new cathode chemistry.” source :

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