Honda CRF450R 2022 Specs and Details

Honda CRF450R 2022 Specs and Details

The Honda CRF450R for 2022 , considering the innovative developments from 2002 onwards and the definition of the 2021 model evolved following the developments from the winning CRF450RW in the 2019 and 2020 MXGP Championships, presents further advances related to the engine and suspension.

The motorbike

Given the innovations linked to the 2021 model, citing a lighter frame, the balance of the swingarm stiffness, a heart where the HRC experience emerges, the novelties of electronics and hydraulic clutch, then the innovations of the “RAZOR-SHARP CORNERING” concept with a more consistent torque at low-medium revs, therefore functional ergonomics and handling; the new CRF450R 2022 features further refinements such as a new Showa suspension set-up to increase damping performance and an ECU update by accentuating the thrust of the engine.

The graphics are entirely red, the essential and structured vision. The frame appears unchanged and the values ​​of the inclination of the steering head and trail of 27.1 ° / 114 mm remain unchanged. Instead, the internal adjustments of the fork and shock absorber change, as a function of greater balance.

Honda CRF450R 2022 Specs and Details 2021 Honda CRF450R

Considering the narrower side beams, the frame has been lightened by 700g and the redefined subframe has resulted in a saving of 320g, in total 910g. While considering an unchanged torsional stiffness, lateral stiffness is contained by 20%, accentuating cornering speed, traction and steering precision. The triple clamps have been revised for greater flexibility and an increase in cornering speed. The aluminum swingarm with Pro-Link system features an optimized stiffness balance.

Developed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), considering the air flow to the radiators, the conveyors are defined in a single piece with another opening in the underlying part. Also optimized the radiator grilles and redefined the titanium fuel tank with a capacity of 6.3 liters.

The Renthal Fatbar handlebar features as standard and the upper triple clamp features two positions for the mounts favoring forward and backward movement of 26 mm. By rotating the mounts 180 degrees, the handlebar can be repositioned another 10mm, altogether four riding positions.

The saddle placed at a height of 965 mmit is less extended, lighter and 10 mm lower in the rear area and it is easier to remove it, according to the indications. Maintenance is also simplified with the reduction from 6 to 4 of the number of bolts on each side with an 8 mm head. The wheelbase reaches 1,481 mm and the ground clearance 336 mm.
Figure a 49mm Showa AF2 upside-down adjustable coil spring fork, defined by the official Showa unit employed by Honda teams in the Japanese championship. Once the feet have been stiffened, the stroke has been increased by 5 mm obtaining an overall excursion of 310 mm and the lamellar group of low speeds has also been modified to intensify the rigidity in compression and extension. The oil volume is contained by 8 cc, up to 380 cc with 13 adjustment positions for the return compared to 15. Instead, the same number of compression positions remain.

Honda CRF450R 2022 Specs and Details 2021 Honda CRF450R

A new calibration for the Showa MKE AF2 shock allows greater compression stiffness at low, medium and high speeds. Now indicate 11 rebound adjustment positions compared to the previous 8 and 6 for the high and low compression speeds compared to 12. The oil volume is greater than 1 cc reaching 422 cc.

Moving on to the stop system, there is a 260 mm wave front disc in front and the brake caliper has two pistons of differentiated diameter, 30 and 27 mm. The rear disc is 240mm, with single-piston caliper.

The picture is completed with 21 ”x 1.60 front and 19” x 2.15 rear black finish aluminum DID wheels. Matched as standard with Dunlop MX33F / MX33 soft ground tires. The weight without petrol amounts to 105.8 kg, while with full it is 110.6 kg .

Honda CRF450R 2022 Specs and Details 21YM HONDA CRF450R

Technological solutions

The bike is equipped with a Honda EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) engine map selection system , reconfiguring the delivery characteristics to the conditions of the track being tackled. Pressing the relative button with the motorcycle stopped and at idle speed, for just under a second, allows the selection of the engine map. By pressing the button quickly, however, the integrated blue LED indicates the map in use with a number of flashes based on the mode and with each selection, any choice is confirmed to the pilot with the number of flashes.

The map 1 Standard provides a common combination of start intervals and injection for balanced power delivery.

The map 2 Smooth, milder, offers a manageable and functional response on low-grip surfaces.

The map 3 Aggressive is the most energetic of the three, by combining a reactivity power and torque.

The HRC setting tool then allows different driving modes, ranging from a gentle throttle response to a more aggressive one for experienced riders.

Honda CRF450R 2022 Specs and Details21YM HONDA CRF450R

Switching to HSTC torque control, this works to mitigate rear wheel slip under acceleration, thereby maximizing traction. It works by delaying ignition and refining the fuel injection upon detection of excessively sudden changes in the engine speed, incompatible with effective progression. There are three selectable levels:

Mode 1 , case in which the system intervenes little and after a persistent slippage, such as when exiting slow curves when the rear wheel hardly contains the power of low gear delivery;

Mode 2 , an intermediate intervention between the other two more extreme modes on a dry track with grip and wet with mud;

Mode 3, a frequent and decisive intervention, in case of slippery surfaces, mud and slippery ground.

By keeping the HSTC key pressed for half a second, you can select the level, observing a flashing green LED type light that indicates the mode based on the number of frequencies. The system can be deactivated and each time the engine is switched on again, the pilot finds the last selected setting, as mentioned.

Honda CRF450R 2022 Specs and Details 21YM HONDA CRF450R

On a single block on the left side there are the launch control indicator, the EFI indicator, the EMSB mode button and the LED indicator with the HSTC button also integrated.

Also highlighted is an HRC Launch Control solution , functional in the shooting phase. Also in this case there are three levels. Launch Control HRC is activated with the engine running, by pressing the start button. An LED flashes once to indicate Level 1 selection; by pressing the start button again for at least half a second, the LED flashes twice, highlighting Level 2 and repeating the procedure and seeing that the indicator flashes 3 times, Level 3 is identified.

Level 3 : 8,250 rpm, bottom muddy / beginner;
Level 2 : 8,500 rpm, dry / amateur;
Level 1 : 9,500rpm, dry / expert rider.


The new Honda CRF450R is equipped with a single-cylinder 4-stroke Unicam engine of 449.7 cc , liquid-cooled and with single-shaft distribution. A unit associated with an advanced ECU mapping that facilitates the control of the accelerator, refining the delivery.
The updates on the 2021 model are decisive in the development of the new model. The modification to the exhaust duct, the repositioning of the manifold, the provision of two resonators to the silencer, an eight-disc clutch with hydraulic control, a recovery pump with two 12 mm gears and a 5-hole piston oil jet are mentioned. speaking of lubrication.
Underlined an increase of up to 0.6 kW of maximum power above 5,000 rpm, therefore a stronger torque at low revs with the increase in the size of the air box from 1.8 liters to 4.1 liters on the side ” clean, ”according to the information.

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