Honda CR-V Lifestyle Plus: More equipment

Honda CR-V Lifestyle Plus: More equipment

Honda completes the range of its SUV CR-V with a new version called Honda CR-V Lifestyle Plus , which adds, on the existing Lifestyle version a complement of equipment valued at 1,500 euros and that the brand offers at no additional cost to the buyer of this model. The car incorporates new aerodynamic bumpers and a rear spoiler, all in the color of the body, and 18 “wheels with a two-tone finish while in the cabin, the seats are upholstered in leather.

Honda CR-V Lifestyle Plus, The sports bumpers make it possible to distinguish this special version of the Honda CR-V with the new Lifestyle Plus finish.

This new version Lyfestyle Plus is available with both the 1.6 diesel engine 120 hp and front-wheel drive as well as the most powerful 160 hp associated with the 4×4 integral transmission , in this case with both manual and automatic gearbox. The brand offers this model in four body colors combined with a black leather interior.

The prices start at € 27,900 for the diesel version of 120 hp and reach the € 36,200 that costs the variant of 160 hp with a nine-speed automatic gearbox and full-wheel drive. On the other hand, Honda has announced the disappearance of gasoline versions with the two-liter 150 hp four-wheel drive and its replacement with a single version of front-wheel-drive petrol with the Elegance Plus Navi finish billed to about competitive 24,250 €

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