GPX Drone, Premium Scooter 150cc

GPX Drone, Premium Scooter 150cc

GPX Drone, a premium 150cc scooter in collaboration with SYM, another Asian scooter mogul. Outstanding with a design that is torn from others in the Thai market.

GPX Drone, Premium Scooter 150cc

Large car body design Featured with LED headlights and Y-shaped DRL lights in a large, eye-catching fixture. Separate high beam and low beam design There are 10 headlights in total, giving brightness and beauty both day and night.

Digital LCD speedometer provides complete information, including a resetable trip distance clock, USB power socket, 2 A power discharge, wide, soft seat, sporty design. Luggage space under the seat Can store a full helmet

GPX Drone, Premium Scooter 150cc

149.6 cc, 4-stroke, water cooled It is powered by a CVT set, 14-inch front and rear alloy wheels, tire sizes 100 and 110, a 7.5-liter fuel tank supports gasoline 95 or gasohol 91, 95 (E10).

Front single disc brake, size 260 mm., Rear disc 220 mm., Without ABS, but with Combine Brake System. Dual rear shocks, adjustable spring preload, 3 levels, weight 150 kg, car warranty 3 years or 30,000 km.

GPX DRONE is available with up to 3 the Type.

Standrad model, suggested price, selling at  65,900 baht –  GALAXY BLACK  –  ROSSO RED

Keyless  model, suggested price, sold at  69,800 baht – ROSSO RED – SILVER GRAY – RACING YELLOW 

Keyless Special

model, suggested price, selling at  70 , 800  baht , special color MIDNIGHT BLUE (MATT) 

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