GM launches Edison, premium EV brand to challenge Tesla!

GM launches Edison, premium EV brand to challenge Tesla!

It has lasted too long! The insolent success of Tesla, which has turned the landscape of the American automobile upside down and panics the stock indexes, called for a reaction. General Motors created a surprise by unveiling a brand new 100% electric brand, by 2024, intended to compete directly with the firm of Elon Musk: Edison! Just that !

Mass offensive

GM launches Edison, premium EV brand to challenge Tesla!

General Motors had entered the electric sector, remember, in 2010 with the launch of the Chevrolet Volt. But despite this precocity, the American giant has since fallen far behind. While its great rival Ford is also putting great effort into its electrification, like the Mustang Mach-E, GM is throwing a stone in the pond by launching a brand new premium vocation. Edison is part of an ambitious electric strategy that was confirmed at the end of 2020, when GM unveiled a massive $ 27 billion plan over 5 years, and the promise of imminent EV models such as the GMC Hummer EV or the Cadillac la Lyriq scheduled for early 2022.

Edison vs. Tesla, clash of the titans

Edison is an obviously oh so evocative and mythical name, referring to the immense figure of Thomas Edison, brilliant inventor to whom we owe more than a thousand patents. For Jack Seeler, CEO of the new Edison entity, the name has become obvious, even if sarcastic people will see it as a direct snub to Tesla, who borrows his name from Nikola Tesla, another great pioneer of electricity. .“What name other than Edison’s can embody America’s taste for innovation, determination, excellence in technology and genius as well? Thomas Edison is obviously, among many other fields, one of the pioneers of modern electricity and its democratization. By baptizing our new brand with this prestigious name, we want to register GM both in the heritage of this American excellence and in the future green of the planet which will pass through the large-scale electrification of the automobile ”.

The brand’s official logo confirms this speech. The name Edison, displayed in a very ‘high tech’ typeface, appears in a pale neon blue hue evoking the ecological concerns of the day. Above, the dynamism is impelled by a radiation representing a sort of stylized bulb, an obvious nod to the filament bulb developed by Thomas Edison. “The logo in fact refers to the emblematic invention of Thomas Edison, but for us, it is also a sign of energy, creativity and the prospect of a more efficient automotive future”. In any case, we can be delighted to see an emblem that does not give in to the sad trend of monochrome flat design.

If the marketing effect is there, what about the product? Little information for the moment, but Edison could quickly count on three models to constitute a base, combining sportiness, premium service and advanced technology. With a slogan as explicit as “the future is born” , the models will be placed under the sign of technology, AI and advanced connectivity, even if, here again, the fog is still thick on the software devices. embedded. A racy coupe, perhaps called to compete with the e-Tron GT, a mid-category SUV and a more massive SUV, which would take the base of the Cadilla Lyriq but in a more sporty orientation, are thus presented. Roll on 2024!

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