Geneva 2017: Mitsubishi compact crossover

Geneva 2017: Mitsubishi compact crossover

Mitsubishi will unveil a rival of the Peugeot 3008 and the Renault Kadjar at the next Geneva Motor Show next March.

This future rival of Qahsqai, 3008 and Qajar will be positioned between the soon revamped ASX and Outlander. The corridor noise evokes a silhouette of SUV coupé that will be inspired by the concept car XR-PHEV. Revealed for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, the latter reappeared in a more successful version under the name of XR-PHEV II at the same show in 2015. Length of 4.49 m, width of 1.89 m and top of 1.62 m, the XR-PHEV prefigured the future stylistic identity of the brand with a front face that is found on the latest models of the manufacturer. Evolution of the first, the XR-PHEV II offered a more commercial vision with its headlights and its more realistic dimensions.

Geneva 2017: Mitsubishi compact crossover

Under the hood, the XR-PHEV II housed a rechargeable hybrid engine with a combined power of 163 hp. The constructeru announced an autonomy in electric mode of about 50 kilometers thanks to the battery of 12 kWh. The production version should be powered by more conventional thermal engines to ensure a competitive call price. It should be available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

With this future competitor of the 3008 and Kadjar, the Japanese manufacturer begins the expansion of its range of crossovers. Mitsubishi will unveil a competitor of the Juke in 2019 before the arrival of a new Outlander in 2020.

Source: Autocar

Photo source: Leblogauto

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