Geneva 2017: Kia Stinger switches to diesel

Geneva 2017: Kia Stinger switches to diesel and electric power

Before being potentially converted to electricity (or rechargeable hybrid transitional version) the last born of the Korean manufacturer will be divided in a more pragmatic release.

Discovery at the recent Detroit Auto Show, the Kia Stinger will cross the Atlantic.

Geneva 2017: Kia Stinger switches to diesel

Head to the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March next year where the simulated four-door coupe sedan will make its debut on the old continent.

This exhibition at the Palexpo will also be the occasion for Kia to present its car with a diesel engine (coupled to the 8-speed automatic transmission) as confirmed by Albert Biermann.

We then find the Stinger equipped with a block already under the hood of the SUV Sorento , the 4-cylinder 2.2 liter CRDi 200 hp (at 3800 rev / min) and 440 Nm (at 1750 rev / min).

For the record, the almost two tons SUV forgets the 0 to 100 km / h in 9.6 s and promises 203 km / h when it is so animated.

Geneva 2017: Kia Stinger switches to diesel

This Stinger diesel will then offer a real alternative to those it targets in the European markets even if to make a place on the segment D will not be a sinecure as the established positions give no latitude to the Korean car.

Source: Autocar .

Credit illustration: Kia.

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