Geneva 2015, Ferrari 488 GTB

Competition is fierce and Ferrari had to react. To meet with McLaren 650S at Lamborghini with his Huracán or with the new Audi R8, Ferrari pulls the Ferrari 488 GTB , more than a 458 Italia redrawn.

Ferrari has a long and illustrious history of mid-mounted V8s. The first was in the 308 GTB 40 years ago, and to mark its anniversary, a new supercar has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show – the Ferrari 488 GTB.

BMS family grew with the Ferrari 488 GTB links marked with the 458 Italia although its exterior design changes somewhat. Optimization for the circulation of air flow is visible with this new more dug hood as his shield to wider air intakes or its side pierced positioned on the wings. The rear also sees a complete overhaul with a massive diffuser.

Geneva 2015, Ferrari 488 GTB 2Most important, however, is under the hood. If the 458 Italia enjoys a aspirated V8 570 horsepower, this new 488 GTB adopts two turbos for a 3.9-liter V8 now 100 horsepower more than the 458 or 670 horses to 760 Nm of torque (540 to 458 Italia …)! Maximum power is in turn affect 8000 revolutions / minute. On balance, the 1370 kg does not prevent the beast down the 0 to 100 in three seconds, a top speed set at 330 km /h.

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Inside, the angled air vents and instrument panel are all centred around the driver, while there’s the usual multifunction steering wheel, bucket seats and top-quality dash.

The 488 GTB soon gain a Spider version as previous models of the brand. And late career, she will be entitled to a more radical version. One wonders how far Ferrari will, given the performance already displayed by the “base model”.