Genesis Mint Concept Overview

Genesis Mint Concept Overview

First the Japanese brands did it. Now it’s up to the Koreans. At the end of the 80s, the brands of Japanese vehicles launched their luxury brands on the market. So came Acura from Honda, Infiniti from Nissan and Lexus from Toyota, all of them with the US market in mind. The latest bet is called Genesis, the subsidiary of the Hyundai Group that has been established in the United States for several years and will soon try again in Europe. His bet is important, so he has presented the Genesis Mint Concept, the model on which the next bets of the brand will be based .

Now it’s the turn of the Koreans like Hyundai’s Genesis . The Asian manufacturer has set its sights on the United States and on the premium sub-brands of Japanese general manufacturers. In this way, along with the new design exercise of Genesis, three large saloons have been presented: the Genesis Q70, G80 and G90 .

Identifying features

Genesis Mint Concept Overview

The Genesis Mint Concept develops the design language of the firm , with a very aerodynamic and aggressive front in which the headlights made with LED technology are integrated. In the center, a small grill makes the muscular lines that extend to its sides stand out.

The rear, for its part, maintains athletic and muscular forms , on which stands out the Genesis emblem and a light signature made with LED technology across the entire area. Another interesting element is the scissor-type doors that give access to the cargo compartments located behind the seats.

Avant-garde passenger compartment and electric propulsion

Genesis Mint Concept Overview

The interior space of this concept car stands out for offering two individual seats on a running seat . A space that invites relaxation and tranquility. The control panel is integrated into the steering wheel, while six screens show different information such as the infotainment system, navigation or rear-view mirrors.

No data has been specified about the propulsion of this model. The brand announces that thanks to a high-density battery pack it would be able to travel 320 kilometers between recharges . At the same time, it would have a fast charging system that would allow it to recharge in connections of up to 350 kW of power.

Not only the sedans are premium cars

Genesis Mint Concept OverviewAmong them stands out the idea of creating a compact vehicle to compete with the smaller models of its competitors. A very lucrative but also very competitive segment in which many manufacturers have a presence.

The space chosen for so much innovation has been the  New York Motor Show .

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